We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Yoga Your Way | SUP Yoga and Virtual Online Platform

Perseverance and customer service are the most important factors of the success of Yoga Your Way. Mary and I have been on the other end of this business as students. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and Mary and I met at SUP yoga classes. This gave us great insight as to what we want to provide for our clients. Yoga is not “one size fits all.” Yoga is for every body, everywhere. We truly embody this principle and this is one of the most important factors of our success. When we first started we had many naysayers which only drove our desire to succeed. We were told it would be too difficult to do SUP yoga and clients would be hard to find. Now we have not only built a successful SUP Yoga community, but our virtual platform has taken off with individuals and corporations worldwide. In fact, our community has requested we bring our knowledge and experience on the water to beautiful international destinations. Perseverance truly pays off for Yoga Your Way! Read more>>

Nia Jonesz | Co-Owner, ROAM Creative Play

I think one of the biggest keys to ROAM’s success is that we are parents of young kids, and we are making furniture and climbers for young kids. In other words, we’re in our own target market. In creating pieces that solve problems for our family, we are able to do the same for others. I’m sure most caregivers have walked away from a bad experience with a service or product thinking, “whoever designed that clearly doesn’t have young children!” The feedback we receive is often the opposite. Customers can tell that everything we sell has been created with intention – and has been thoroughly tested by our twin toddlers! Read more>>

Marissa Chuises Delgado | Hair Stylist

Success can only come if you are true to yourself. I attribute the success of my business to being real. I am my brand and business and I show up everyday genuine and real for my clients and myself. My focus is to do good hair, connect with clients and go to work grateful to be able to share my art. I surround myself with clients who share the same values as me and it makes my business not only successful, but enjoyable. The importance of being true to yourself is what I believe cultivates the clients and the business that you want and the success comes second hand. Read more>>

Priscilla Reza | Owner and Creator of Golden Candles Co.

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is making decisions in the most authentic way possible. I take my creativity and thought and I use that to drive my business. Being authentic is what separates my brand from others. My thought process is kind of like “Anyone can make a candle but not everyone can make a candle the way I can ”. I definitely get inspiration based on what I love and what I think others might fall in love with. Focusing on my own goals and staying true to myself throughout this whole journey has been the drive to my success. By demonstrating authenticity I exhibit to my customers the worth and high quality of my products. Read more>>

Emmitt Summers | CEO of Redemption Energy

The most important factor behind our success is our talent. Talent wins.
When you build a business, you have to create a compelling vision, mission, and model. Then, you recruit, train, nurture, inspire, and grow the team. The team will take care of the business and the customers. I have been blessed to have worked with my friends, family, and the best talent in our industry (Renewable Energy). Over the past 15 years, we have helped 100,000+ people gain their energy independence and have created 5,000+ jobs during that time. Read more>>

Natalie Lewis | Owner

Being relatable and down to earth has been the most important factor behind blushtan’s success. Simply put, we strive to create a client experience that we would want for ourselves! It’s no secret that many clients are first time tanners and are very nervous. We’re here to make the spray tanning process enjoyable, welcoming and even educational. You won’t see runway models in blinged out bikinis in our ads, you’ll see our real clients–moms, brides, family vacations, proms, graduations and all the other little life moments we’re fortunate to be a part of. Read more>>

Rachelle Fallon | Brow Gypsy & Adventurer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is the unique convenience of being mobile. Being mobile gives me an edge over my fellow cosmetic tattoo artists. The pandemic presented my business with a silver lining because my clients love that I come to them in my super cute converted, health department approved, vintage trailer. Read more>>

Alex Kaelke | Animator & Filmmaker

As an animator and filmmaker, I would say the most important factor behind my own personal success is having a healthy and collaborative relationship with my close friends and family, and knowing when to take travel breaks. In college I prioritized making the best comedy films I could at the expense of my social life, which gave me time to create the films I wanted to make, but it caught up with me tenfold. After becoming extremely depressed, apathetic, and increasingly anxious about my future, I decided it was time for a travel break. I believe traveling has given me the insight and will I need to keep living the best life I can and continue making art that I and others can be proud of. I think at the end of the day as long as you have a healthy social life, you’re making stuff you’re happy with, and you’re reaching people because of it, you’re succeeding. Read more>>