We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor behind their success. For us, success is about accomplishing your mission. For some, that mission might be changing discriminatory practices within their industry and for others it might be building a sustainable, profitable business to support their family. Regardless of your mission, we want to equip you with wisdom and knowledge from the community in the hopes of increasing the likelihood that you are successful in your mission.

Chantal Crompton | Teacher and Nonprofit Cofounder of Fine Print Funding

Fine Print Funding is built on the idea that “empowered people empower people” and we’re most proud that our scholars end up being future donors and giving back to other students. By giving juniors and seniors financial support to engage competitively in the college application process, their hard work and academic success is celebrated. We are successful because they remember the value of that support in their lives and give back to the next generation of scholars. Read more>>

Megan Parker | Tattoo Artist & Mom

I believe the most important factor behind my success is mostly that I’m a workaholic. My previous career was 12 hours a day with only a few days off a month, plus I was always on call. I live to work and work to live. When I switched to tattooing I spent countless hours making flash until I was able to learn on skin. I tattoo full time now, but if I am able to take walk-ins between appointments or paint flash then I will do so. Another important factor to success is never giving up. You will make mistakes, you have to always be willing to learn and grow. Read more>>

Crystal Zumbado | Buisness Owner and Exterior Cleaning Specialists

Thats an easy one! I believe that our success and continue growth comes from our customer service. We not only provide a service but we also provide an experience. And it starts when they 1st call us. We make sure that we not only meet their needs but we succeed their expectations as well. We find more often then not that many of our new customers have had our services done by other companies but we have been told over and over again that they stay with us because of our process, our care and the attention to detail that we provide. Read more>>

Suhyeon Bae | Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Always giving 100% and more never failed to bring me to the next step! Whether I liked a job, or how small and trivial a project looked, I learned that if I still do my best within my scope, it becomes much bigger than how it started. It brought me more opportunities, and I gained more trust from my team or clients therefore was given more power over what I create. On the other hand if I do only as much as I think the project or job deserves, it always ends where I expected. This seems like a simple thing, but I truly learned it when I started working after college and it motivates me to always do my best. Read more>>

Dr. Jennifer Tom | Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist

It might sound cheesy, but learning to be myself. When I first started my practice, it took time for me to develop my voice as an acupuncturist and business owner. It’s easy to compare yourself to other acupuncturists, doctors or female wellness entrepreneurs. You could think you have to post certain content, be “more professional” or “be more like western medicine doctors” to be successful. But I think it comes down to being clear about who you are – what is important to you, what do you want to say, how do you want to say it – and then going for it. Read more>>

Mark & Rozlyn Eicker | SinShip Spirits Co. Founders

We launched SinShip Spirits Company in San Diego County in 2017. We are a husband and wife team and both of us have always valued hard work. We believe that if you deliver a quality product at a fair price and have the drive to work hard and long, success should follow. As a brand we want to be known for producing unique, high quality products. Read more>>

Kael Roberts | Mindset & Business Strategy Coach

As I have grown into my truest self and my brand, I have realized the importance of flow, ease and alignment. For a long time I did things because I felt like I had to. I saw other people doing these things so I felt like that is what I needed to do in order to be highly successful. Not only where these things not in alignment with my higher self and what I actually desired and valued in life, but it felt forced and like a chore while in the process of doing these things. Read more>>

Aubrey Beckman | Owner, Baker and Cake Designer

I believe that the most important factor behind success at Heritage, is truly passion. Being passionate about your career, your livelihood, makes it that much easier to go to work everyday! Read more>>

Shayan Selby | Designer & Founder of SAINTWULF

I think the most important factor is the single decision to try not to cater to every style and trend for the sake of building more clientele. I played it really safe in the beginning, making clothes with an aesthetic that technically wasn’t one I had enjoyed. I wanted to have an article of clothing for every style-type of person and it didn’t make me happy. The moment I started to create things that made ME happy, I started to see an incline in popularity, sales and people appreciating the brand. Read more>>

Jessica Marx | Elite Sales and Business Strategist

The tenacity to never give up and the drive to take risks even if it meant there was a potential for failure as an outcome. From the day I launched my brand I was committed to changing and impacting the lives of female entrepreneurs. I was willing to be a trailblazer and create programs outside of what others in my industry were doing. I am a firm believe that as business owners, we need to be visionaries. We need to be able to create the future for our brands and adapt to what our customers need most. It’s always been about my clients and it always will be. Read more>>

Alissa Kacar | Golf Media Personality

It’s quite a hard question to answer because there are inevitably so many factors that go into achieving and then maintaining real success. Right at the forefront is understanding what you are really trying to achieve and what you will consider to be a satisfactory level of success when you get there. For me, achieving real success at something has always required the usual ingredients: preparation, practice, patience and perseverance, or a willingness to fail enough times to learn how to overcome and achieve a higher standard consistently. Read more>>

Roi Bars | Singer/Songwriter and Producer

Being constant, whether I’m getting the results I’m expecting or not. People want to see how much we are willing to fight to obtain what we want, and it can be hard to stay constant because they will try to bring us down due to their own fears and limitations. The important thing is to keep going forward and not wasting time looking back on what it is already done. We’re not going that way. Read more>>

Kelly Guerriero | Blogger

When creating The San Diego Scout, I made a conscious effort not to look too much into what other people were doing. I wanted my website to be authentic to me, my style, and the things I like. When I look at my Instagram feed and my website, I absolutely love what I see because I’ve stayed consistent with my tastes. From the colors in my pictures, to the font styles, and the actual content I produce I really enjoy it. Read more>>

Paulina Chaidez | Owner Cocina 35 Restaurants

We are so Proud of our brand and our Cocina 35 family, we know that we own our business to the love and pride that we put in to each meal/item that we sell out our locations. First of all, our brand means family, which is what we focus on with our team/staff, is impossible to have a great brand if our team is not on the same page, we focus on making our customers feel at home as soon as they walk in to any of our locations, and there is no way to make them feel that way if our team does not feel like family. Read more>>

Chloe Nefertiti Langston | Visual Arts, Beauty Advisor, spiritual Guide , Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my Personal success is Authenticity, Individuality and imagination. In my endeavors , I move with integrity and honesty. All my clients are met with the same level of respect and privacy. Being an entrepreneur is hard work, dedication and persistence. My Brand focuses on Beauty, style, grace, and spiritual guidance. The success of my brand starts and ends with immense Tunnel Vision. I stay focused on my own personal endeavors, I don’t over indulge in mainstream ideologies. Read more>>

Dr. Christy Wise | Motivational Leader, retired clinician, personal development Educator/Coach

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is a true passion for powerfully contributing to the transformation and growth of the human spirit. My love for and deep belief in the value of my work has impacted and transformed thousands of lives because that’s what happens when you believe in something whole hardheartedly and refuse to give up. Helping, guiding, and teaching people how to find their gifts, and to use them to create lives that are rich, abundant and truly full has been my life’s purpose and meaning. Read more>>

Nicole Albrecht | Financial Guru

The most important factor behind my success is integrity. Doing the right thing every time no matter how hard that is or the consequences that comes with that choice. This has allowed me to have a clear line in the sand that I know I won’t cross, makes decision making easier and allow me to sleep well at night. Read more>>

Tricia S | Dakine Shiba Inu’s and Siberian Huskies in Oregon

I think the most important factor behind my success as a breeder of Shiba Inu’s and Siberian Huskies is how they are raised and keeping my numbers manageable. So many breeders of dogs kennel raise their pups and the adults are also in a Kennel most of the time. What makes me stand out is the fact all my dogs live fulltime in our home and our CO Breeders home. Not one dog spends their life in a Kennel. Read more>>

Jessica Schaefer | Esthetician

Continuous investment in personal development & business development including ongoing education, trainings and professional memberships. Having other colleagues in the industry to reach out to and mentors to help guide me through this journey! Read more>>

Sydney Park | Artist – Squid Ink

I would not claim to have any significant amount of success quite yet – I am still learning and growing a ton! However, any growth and success I have had so far with my art can be attributed to two main efforts: One, hustling on social media (mainly Instagram) – posting more frequently than I normally would, collaborating with and supporting other artists, and strategically using hashtags and other means to get my work in front of new eyes. Two, saying yes! Read more>>

Michelle Castro-Martha | Baker and business owner

The most important factor for my bakery’s success would be being truthful about everything I do. This applies in every aspect of my business, from the cookie and cake designs I use, to how I manage my interactions with customers, colleagues and members in the entrepreneur community, When I have creative freedom (not custom orders) I always try to put something unique out there. I want my product to reflect me and my culture, my roots and where I come from. Read more>>

CJ Di Mento | Public Librarian & Cultural Arts Advocate

Because of my temperament as a young person, I constantly gave other people credit, thinking they were more intelligent, more talented, more of everything that I wasn’t. As I grew older, I realized that I was just as capable and talented as anyone else. It wasn’t until I became a Public Librarian that I realized what my true calling was. I inherently could envision people at their best and in an intentional way, worked to see where each of their powers lie and help them to develop those powers. Read more>>