We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Nelson Pizarro | Wine Maker

I believe the most important factor of our success and brand would be consistence. We have been successful because our wines have stayed consistently good and our customer service have been friendly, inviting and family first approach. Read more>>

Lindsey Paczkowski | Pelvic Health and Performance Physical Therapist and Co- Owner of Inside Out Strength and Performance

I believe our most important factor behind the success of our business, Inside Out Strength and Performance, our relationships. Our business has been built on developing genuine relationships and maintained with our clients, patients and members of the North County San Diego community. We love helping active moms and runners through our business, even more so we enjoy listening and learning more about each individual and what’s going on in their lives. We genuinely care about our Inside Out community and that has shown with our growth and success over the past four years. Being a husband and wife owned business we get to put our personal relationship on display and also demonstrate our love for seeing others accomplish their goals and live out the active and pain free life they deserve to be living. Read more>>

Awo Linnet Faleyewa Harris | Ifa Priest, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Educator, Founder of The Diaspora Death Doulas , Host of Old School Bruja Radio, and Coffee & Toast Podcast

Success comes from consistency. Everyday I wake up hungry for success. I identified my goals, both big and small. Then, I pound at my blessings everyday because it always leads to success. Growing my brand has taken years of consistency and always being open to expand and learn more. It is still growing! I treat my business like my baby. It requires daily nurturing and love. Read more>>

Sarina Sandoval | Influencer

Advice that I have given to myself & others who are interested in working for themselves & ultimately creating their own brand is to BE YOURSELF. I cannot stress this enough. I believe that the universe only made one of you for a reason. Why waste yourself trying to be someone else, when you are unique in your own way. Being yourself helps cater to a new audience, an audience who has been waiting for you to knock on their door, haha. It really is as simple as this. If you can’t be yourself with your audience, then you’re in the wrong business. Life in general is so much easier being genuine. 🙂 Read more>>

Sabrina Phetsany | Hairstylist

I would definitely say consistency! Being consistent in posting content on your social media, giving great service every single day, and constantly coming up with new goals to achieve for your business. Read more>>

Nargis Mithaiwala | Co-Founder of From, Mila

Creating pieces that I would wear or purchase myself. At the beginning, we had a couple of scarf styles that I was not passionate about; they were pretty, but it didn’t fit my personal style, and that lack of admiration and desire showed in how I promoted those scarves. It became a burden rather than joy and excitement. From then on, I knew, in order to have any kind of success, I had to want everything I would sell. If I wanted it, I knew I could sell it from a place of pure joy and excitement rather than just move through inventory. When customers feel your authentic happiness towards something, they want it too. Read more>>

Jordin David | Fine Art Figurative Painter & Muralist

Right now, the success I aim for is related to the day to day work of accomplishing at least one productive thing a day. Staying focused has never come naturally to me. I get distracted very easily; walking from room to room is enough to completely throw off my train of thought. It took 23 years, but in 2020 I was finally diagnosed with moderate inattentive ADHD. I’ve lived with the symptoms my whole life of course, but now that I’m creating a business, I have to be vigilant in my fight against most of my natural tendencies. To manifest new and productive habits, I imagine what daily success looks like, and the pride I will feel when I finish a small task or large project. I’ll write down or say aloud, “I am so grateful and relieved to be focused and back on track,” then drink some water, and get started. Read more>>

Carolyn Erickson | CEO – CE Fitness Consulting, LLC

I think my work habits that stem back to my parents has helped me tremendously. Both of them were hard-working middle class raising a family with 4 kids. My mom not only worked her full time job but she literally took care of everything else. I learned by watching and eventually doing. I was a single mom for 10 years with my 3 girls. They would be the first to tell you that I worked my tail off and made many sacrifices so I could provide them alittle bit more than what they needed. They learned they couldn’t have everything they wanted but I did well enough that they didn’t feel my financial struggles. My work ethic is so strong. I’ve speant a great deal of time in the work force. Running health clubs is no easy task and it is long hours. You can’t go home at 5 or 6pm. That is one of the most busiest times in the club. Initally it wasn’t my choice to walk away from that career. I was running 16 locations in San Diego for a large health club chain and was laid off at 50. Read more>>

Thane Marcus Ringler | Development Coach

When it comes to entrepreneurship and owning/running your own business, there are two core competencies that are essential to achieving your goals and being successful: 1) discipline, and 2) self-awareness. We must be able to lead ourselves well before we lead others well, and it takes instilling and growing both discipline and self-awareness to do that well and to do that sustainably over the long-haul. There are no overnight successes, which is why these two character-traits are needed to help us lead ourselves well in order to do the work we know we are capable of and provide the products and services that other people deserve. Read more>>

Garidey Bray | Hairstyles

Hustle. I don’t stop till I get it I want. I will work really hard for something I believe in. Discipline. Taking time to understand peoples feelings and where they come from. Always been interested in art and always creating with my hands no matter what the canvas.. Surround myself with people that are more bitches than myself and good role models. Read more>>

Susie St John | Interior Designer + Hiker + Chicken Farmer + Dreamer

I remember listening to a NPR podcast about highly successful people like Steve Jobs,Mark Zuckerber.  They said the usual: passionate, optimistic, don’t wait for permission. But I FORGOT about the sacrifices. Success is not about equal balance, it’s about harmony. Steve Jobs had such strong opinions it got him fired from the very company he made, Apple. Listen to his surprising Stanford commencement speech. Nikola Tesla never married or had kids because he felt they would get in the way of his work. Success is about being your very best. Sacrifices unknown. Early in my interior design career, I wanted to quit. I was tired of the politics, pulling all nighters, playing games with the building department. So, I quit. I went to work for a longtime family friend’s flower shoppe. What could go wrong with playing with flowers and talking with people giving flowers? I quickly learned politics and games were here too. Read more>>

Charlotta Thompson eXp Realty of California, Inc. | Realtor and Global Real Estate Advisor

Having my client’s best interests at heart FIRST, not the paycheck! I take my career and real estate representation very seriously. Professionalism, integrity and honesty are of outmost priority in my character. This is how I was raised back home in Sweden and it means everything both on a personal level, as well as professionally. My father always said, “if you speak the truth you can never get in trouble”, and there is a lot of truth to this! He also told me to NEVER give up! I have a sign on my desk stating this, and it is truly what I believe in no matter how difficult of a task or what life throws you, just keep moving forward in a positive manner! Lastly I like to solve problems, concerns and any issues that arise out of many of our transactions in real estate. Some very challenging, this is where looking at these issues from different angles come into play and so does careful thought and negotiation in combination with a cool, calm and collected attitude. Read more>>

Alexis Dachs | Restaurant & Retail Commercial Real Estate Broker

My clients are the central aspect of business and it is always my priority to do everything I can to help them achieve their goals. With this in mind, by far the most important factor behind my success is persistence and to always push for win-win outcomes. Persistence does not always mean taking one straight road to the finish line, but often it entails me to seek out different routes, be flexible and push for the goal a different way. I think what my clients appreciate most about me is that I don’t give up on them when the end seems far away, but instead I continue to persist forward and use creative ways to find what they are looking for. Read more>>

Marty Kain | Owner MK Cricket

Being a good person and opening your heart to the people that support your business. Providing professional technical, tactical and mental skills advice is obviously very important as a Coaching Business, but I don’t believe this alone would have been enough to grow our business at the rate it has grown. I treat my players like I would treat my family & my best friend. Through this the business growth through the pandemic has been something I couldn’t have dreamed of, whilst at the same time building friendships that will last a long time. Communicate, love your clients & be genuine. Read more>>