We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Hannia Prado/ Sherri Follstad | Estheticians and salon owners.

We were inspired by the gap in the lash industry of quality salons and the service providers in combination with the potential opportunity for financial freedom that comes with owning a successful business. At the time we were very inspired by the lash industry being so new and having the opportunity to share the knowledge and mentor others to grow their business. Read more>>

Zochi Flores Abarca | Founder & Jewelry Curator

When I started out, it was simply a hobby I enjoyed doing. I found so much joy going to the open wholesale markets and looking at new jewelry pieces and accessories. I would come back buying in bulk for special occasions, birthdays, and gifting. However, during the pandemic, many ladies from my job would love the necklaces and earrings I would wear so I then would go back and purchase another set for them. It became a business when my husband suggested to add $1 or $2 to each item to compensate for my time, drive, and parking. By September, I introduced the idea of RAMC (named after both my parent’s first and middle initials) to my husband and close friends, and the support I received was inspiring. Read more>>

Shir Eyal | Body Posture & Movement Facilitator

I have worked as an instructor in a major studio for more than a decade and taught hundreds of women. During that time, I wasn’t wholly pleased with their system and looked for ways to improve how I taught. Following an injury, I found myself needing a significant change. I started teaching myself how to stabilize and move my body differently from how I used to all of my life. Through a long observation process, I finally felt that I had a system that allows better posture, movement, and health that is also helpful in reducing chronic and acute pains. That moment changed my life. It also motivated me to help as many people as possible to learn how to manage their bodies and control their pain. Read more>>

Tori Williams | Digital Marketing Strategist

When I started Soulful Media Marketing I wanted to bring my passion for marketing and my spiritual nature together as one. I thought about helping other small business owners who have products or services that will make a difference in someone’s life. We all have our own special talents and gifts, I want to highlight that by creating stories around their passion. Being able to bring to life a vision and idea is the reward I seek from doing the work of Soulful Media. Read more>>

Richard Tiland | Corporate Video Producer

My thought process behind starting my own business was to be my own boss and so something I truly enjoy. I started New Evolution Video in 2006 and was one of the very first innovators in the online video space. Later in 2018 I acquired dk3studios and have been running both ever since. Read more>>

Emily Hormiz | San Diego Aesthetician

I was driven to opening up my business to awareness of women with hirsutism or excessive hair growth all over the female body. My entire life was a struggle of trying to fit into a world full of smooth skin. At a young age I was bullied for the amount of hair on my legs and arms and told to just “shave”, or asked why my mother does not let me shave. I grew up in a very strict culture that saw ‘shaving’ as something sexualized and not for little girls. At the start of high school, I sat on my bathroom floor and immediately started to dry shave my legs using one of my dad’s old razors. Read more>>

Mackenzie Childress | Photographer

While I was working my “safe” 9-5 job I realized I wasn’t happy or excited about working for someone else’s dream. I would rather take the leap and live out my dream while I’m still young. I’m grateful for my 9-5 normal job and the coworkers I have met. But at the end of the day I sleep better knowing I’m taking control of my own life and striving to be the person/artist I’ve always dreamt of being. Starting my own business has absolutely been the best thing I’ve done but also the most stressful thing. Navigating my way to not only serve my clients and community but also creating a balance between my personal and work load in my life has been a challenge because I work a lot more now than my old 9-5 job. Read more>>