There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Emily Shipman | Candle Maker, Abstract Creator, & Mother

The most important factor behind my business and my brand is the passion that goes into each creation and that most creations stem from a personal experience and/or memory. From the discovery of my business name, to my logo, to the first candle that started this business venture to the scents that came after, to the colors I use in my pour paintings, every aspect of my business has personal meaning behind it. Read more>>

Cobey Mandarino | Public Speaking Coach

My passion for my work. I’ve been involved in performance since I was a child and have been working in the industry in one capacity or another for my entire life. I can’t think of doing anything else. It’s in my DNA now. Read more>>

Brad Harris | Entrepeneur, Founder @ Good Wave

Authenticity. Good Wave is an outdoors California lifestyle company, and I didn’t grow up in California. Far from it. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t know the outdoors. I’m from the Midwest, so I grew up chasing snowfalls and taking on weeklong canoe trips through the Minnesota boundary waters. I remember watching my Dad paddling his mahogany and pine gunnel canoe without a ripple and taking outdoor poops in the backcountry before I could walk. I learned about authenticity in the wild, and it’s stuck with me. Read more>>

Ralph Kreidly | Executive chef and founder of Big Oven Pizza

Executive chef and founder of Big Oven Pizza, Ralph Kreidly’s passion started from making homemade pizzas for family and friends which turned into a journey of perfecting pizza, and visiting Naples, Italy to study the fine art of crafting Neapolitan style pizza. Customers often ask what made me turn a hobby into a business. I knew my love for wood fired pizza, belief in using the best products, freshest ingredients, and providing exemplary customer service could set me a part and help me turn this dream into a successful business. Read more>>

Keely Thomas | Animal Rescuer

Behind the success of me and my efforts, there is one thing pulling everything together-struggle. Struggle truly is the backbone of what I do, and what all animal rescuers do. Without struggle, there would be no opportunities for animal rescuers to take action. In order to rescue an animal, they must struggle first. Whether their struggle is medical, neurological, having to do with abuse or neglect, or anything else, a struggle is necessary in order to be rescued. Read more>>

Nova Spero | Not for profit Organization

Passion. The only reason our not-for-profit is successful is because of all of our passionate volunteers. Our volunteers each understand the importance of what we do and why we do it. Whether it is tutoring the kids to help with their school work, to help them get ahead in school, or to get them caught up with material, our mentors understand the importance of education and why doing what we do is so important. However, the biggest aspect of Nova Spero is the mentorship. Read more>>

Breanna Miller | Businesswoman and Salon Owner

I believe relationships are the number one factor behind the success of my brand. Sharing genuine connections with people develops those relationships. The largest role in any successful business is the relationships we cultivate with others and with ourselves. I’ve learned that in order to level up and do what has not been done before, your mindset must match your goals. I was raised in poverty, which presents its own challenges. In order to transform my mindset to reach success I had to build relationships that expose me to new ways of thinking. I invested in a wellness coach, took inventory of who I was surrounding myself with, and made necessary changes to walk the path of my choosing. I am grateful for all of the connections I’ve made to such wonderful human beings, and excited for the ones to come. Read more>>