Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Tiana Uribe | Founder/Executive Director

The Wildflower Initiative provides access to books and reading materials not easily available in libraries and in many cases, classrooms. Books on mental health and wellness, inspiration, self-care, and empowerment are not readily available to teens and young adults in the communities we serve. Our recent program placing libraries and reading spaces into Teen Wellness Centers aims to provide access to diverse voices on a wide range of topics and genres to inspire, bring comfort and reprieve, and even empower students to have agency in their journeys. Read more>>

Davey Patacsil | Social Advocate for San Diego Small Businesses

It goes without saying, the pandemic has had drastic effects on small businesses, with many not able to survive. Several San Diego business owners had to either lay off the bulk of their employees or permanently close due to strict lockdown guidelines and government mandates. My project, Support Local San Diego, is a microphone meant to amplify the stories of hard working small business owners that embody the vibrant cultural fabric of San Diego. The importance of keeping small businesses afloat cannot be understated, especially at present. San Diego small businesses foster our local economy, keeping wealth close to home and in turn supporting our beautiful neighborhoods and communities. Support Local San Diego has a simple call to action to the San Diego community; support the same San Diego small businesses that have supported our neighborhoods and communities for years. Read more>>

Sulavon Bollinger | Award-winning Petite Fashion Model, VO, Gamer, & Host of OTT show Sulavon’s SheShed on WWTVN-WOTV.

Our business helps the community or the world it that it is entirely unpretentious and takes into account that not everyone has access to the same resources. Sulavon’s SheShed is accessible worldwide and it is for all types of individuals. Our pricing for services is also extremely fair. Read more>>

Margarita Rojas | Illustrator and Animator

I am fascinated with nature and its many inhabitants. I like to think that in a way I am helping preserve it by informing myself and those around me, with curious stories. Read more>>