We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business.  Check out their responses below.

Robyn Frank | Baker-Cookie Maker

My Mom, Barb used to make these tiny cookies when I was growing up. They were her signature dessert and it was one of my favorite memories from growing up. Spending time with my mom in the kitchen early in the morning and learning how to measure all of the ingredients. When I got older, I realized how smart my mom was by making TINY bite sized cookies. My mom always says, people don’t need a lot of sweets. They just need a bite! I started Thumbs Cookies out of my apartment in Brooklyn, NY when I was trying to be an actress but was truly a great cocktail waitress. I wanted to create something that was my own. I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to do something that meant something to me. Read more>>

Re Irelan | Soulful Strategist & Creative Visionary

My thought process was… “It’s time I step it up and figure this out!!” Haha. I had a message of wanting to help other heart-centered leaders create their soul-aligned businesses to impact the world for better. I knew I had all the pieces needed (marketing, sales, human and business transformation, and creative biz and lifestyle design) to really help someone step into their new identity. I was excited and ready to help others redefine their identity and step into more alignment within themselves and what they are sharing with the world. I remember questioning whether this would work or not, but deep down I knew I had to give it a try. Read more>>

Wendy Darling | CEO, Speaker, Corporate Influencer, Relationship and Transformational Results Expert

This is my 39th year since I began my own business. At the time, in the year 1981, I was a full time consultant and trainer inside an organization. And I had the opportunity of doing some work with another organization. So it wasn’t as if I DECIDED to start my own business, the opportunity simply fell into my lap. I then began pursuing other opportunities. By then, I had a very young son and thought having my own business would allow me to spend more concentrated times with him, as well as focus on my business. My business has grown and morphed to include more types of consulting and training. I now offer personal, as well as professional growth opportunities for individuals and organizations. Read more>>

Lisa Roper-Stiltz | LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer

I love clothes and when I was personally on a weight loss journey and discovered LuLaRoe and how amazing they made me feel and look I couldn’t help but want more and more. I decided a few months into buying the clothing that this was a perfect business for me. I loved to play dress up as a kid and help others shop and choose outfits. Clothing should make you feel incredible inside and out and that’s where the passion of starting my own business lies. Read more>>

Michael Cordero | Esthetician & Lash Artist

When I became an esthetician I knew I wanted to try a little of everything. So when I was offered a job to do lashes, I took the opportunity. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but the instant gratification of my clients change was amazing! After two hours we were both able to see the difference the lashes made. Working from a salon was a great experience to gain my speed and practice more on an endless amount of clientele. But once I realized you can be your own boss and make more money by not having to share profit with a salon owner or work a commission based job, I started my journey to have my own business! Read more>>

Lauren Armenta | Visual & Apparel Designer

I have always been drawn to graphic tees as a form of expressing yourself. To accomplish this, I created my own shirts to wear to events like the Pride festival. I had friends that would ask for the shirts I would make so I started finding better ways to print them. That’s when I started to get a fortunate amount of support from family and friends to start selling custom apparel. I wanted to create a brand that fostered the same form of expression I felt apparel represented. That’s when I decided to learn to screen print and create my own brand called, “Tag. You’re It.” Heavily inspired by street art, the name “Tag. Read more>>

Crystal Moore | Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist

When I was a little girl I absolutely loved seeing the smiles on my family and friend’s faces whenever they would look in the mirror feeling confident about themselves. Whether it was through doing their makeup, dressing them up, or doing their nails, I realized from a young age how a little pampering could inspire a feeling of self worth within those I cared for. I’ve been chasing that fulfillment my entire life and as I’ve always been incredibly drawn to the beauty industry, when I started struggling with my own skin, I decided to take action and pursue my education as a professional skin care specialist. My journey with my own adult acne has driven me to care for those in my community struggling with their own skin, and after working in a spa, I realized I could better help my community in my own space with my own vision. Read more>>

Gia Scavia | Spa Party Planner

t was going to be my 7th birthday and I wanted to have a spa party at a salon because I had gone to a really cool one in México but we couldn’t find any here that was for kids so we made our own spa and hired friends that are professionals and are along for the adventure. Read more>>

Britney Berkstresser | CEO Tiny Holds www.tinyholds.com

I created a few “Tiny Holds” entirely for my self and my sister because we found so much joy, healing power, and love in our new-found sport of Indoor rock climbing. We looked online for a while and never found any type of miniature rock climbing hold accessories so I made us some! I started making Tiny Holds for my gym friends and word quickly spread. Everyone loved them! They seemed to be good luck charms that brought so much love and joy! Before I knew it I was asked to sell at an event at my local gym Sender One. After suffering through an illness and losing everything I knew I needed to create the exact life I wanted to live. I wanted to create a life where I could heal, work, grow, and play all on my own time. Read more>>

Randy Sadia | Motorcycle Trackside & Roadside Service

There was a missing link between the everyday motorcycle rider wanting to take the speeds of a motorcycle in a controlled environment. I wanted to provide a service that catered to the riders needs. Setting him up with equipment for their motorcycle. Also Providing shade, water and the most delicious BBQ on pitlane all day. Read more>>