We had the good fortune of connecting with Wendy Darling and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Wendy, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
This is my 39th year since I began my own business. At the time, in the year 1981, I was a full time consultant and trainer inside an organization. And I had the opportunity of doing some work with another organization. So it wasn’t as if I decided to start my own business, the opportunity simply fell into my lap. I then began pursuing other opportunities. By then, I had a very young son and thought having my own business would allow me to spend more concentrated times with him, as well as focus on my business. My business has grown and morphed to include more types of consulting and leadership/team training. I also am able to offer personal and professional growth opportunities for individuals and organizations.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
As mentioned, I started out as a management and organizational development consultant. However, in 1990, while attempting to fly from Dallas to LA, I passed out outside of the Dallas airport, falling over a ledge and falling approximately 25 feet. I had been very sick and should never had try to go on that business trip. My whole life fell apart in that moment: my leg was shattered and it took 5 surgeries and 11 months before I knew if I would ever walk again (which I do); I had back fractures. I was later diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, which took many years to recover from. My former husband came to the hospital around week 4, suitcases packed, saying he no longer wished to be married. (and although I take full responsibility for my portion that contributed to that decision, you would probably agree, the timing was not exactly optimal). And the final blow came when we went to court (he happens to be an attorney) and he was awarded full custody of our son, who was only 4.5 at the time. I was already struggling, but that is when I truly fell apart. My mom had suggested I learn how to meditate, which I did. And, it was during this time that I began to open up to my healing gifts and what is now my transformational system, the Miraculous Living Method. I am able to see and know where people are stuck, what’s creating interference. So I help people raise their financial set point and open them to receive more, allowing them to make more money. I also help people grow their businesses, attract love, get healthier. I’ve helped women who have been abused be free from the trauma. I’ve helped kids with learning disabilities. And so many other situations. So what sets me apart is that I can assist people to get their desired results easier and quicker because I can see and remove the internal barriers that exist and get them fully into alignment, including training their mind to be in support of what they desire to create and experience. Bottom line: I help people get the results they want, in a way that tends to be easier and quicker. It was not an easy road, however, today I am more than grateful that I am able to support people in this way. And this is the kind of gift that I value…one that I get to keep on giving!

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
On the list is always sushi (Hooked on Sushi is a favorite); Margaritas and Mexican at Casa de Bandini; Urban Plates is another favorite. Love taking wonderful walks on the beach (looking forward to feeling ‘ok’ doing THAT again!). And we simply love just hanging out, having coffee and chatting away!…and I pray we can do that sometime in the not too distant future again with more of our friends!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I have had a variety of mentors over the years. And I am blessed that my closest friends are amazing individuals. I also have a very strong spiritual connection. However, one of the more profound relationships was with Berny Dohrmann, founder of CEO Space International. Berny and I originally met in 2002, while attending his event. We met again in 2011. We both had been invited to and attended an exclusive business mastermind. Initially, Berny became my client. I worked with him personally and professionally, as well as with his wife. I also worked with them as a couple. He also invited me into the small circle of leaders for his business. But Berny was a mentor to me and he and his wife became very close friends. Berny had the gift of not only seeing someone’s greatness, he had a way of showing you how to accomplish whatever it was that you wanted for your business. In fact, he would take your current vision and ‘Bernysize’ it, making it much bigger than you had originally envisioned and would give you your next steps to assist in making that happen. Berny loved me. We loved each other. He championed me. He was truly one of the greatest gifts in my life. Unfortunately, Berny just recently passed away 7/09/20 from a heart attack. The world has a huge ‘missing’ with him gone. Berny touched the lives of hundreds of thousands. And the ripples of those that were directly guided by him are in the millions.

Website: www.wendydarling.com; www.gothedistanceconsulting.com
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/wendydarling1
Facebook: Facebook.com/wendydarling8

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