Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. What’s tough about all of these vocations is that there is no clocking in and clocking out. So what should one do – work all day? Never work? Work 9-5? Finding work life balance when you work for yourself isn’t easy, but it is important.

Justina Sanche | Mom, Wife & Product Safety Engineer

Work life balance is a very important part of living a healthy life. I believe in working hard and doing the best I can at the job I am there to do. I give it my full time and attention. Early on in my career I had the extra time to dedicate but as the year went on and I became a mom and finding that balance became more important than ever. So now when I leave work, I leave work there. I must give my full time and attention to my family when I am home with them. Read more>>

Cassie Brown | Fitness Professional

Business ownership, like life, is rarely predicable and will challenge you in ways you could never foresee. Over time, I’ve learned that I feel most successful when I view my work life balance as a verb rather than a noun. It’s a never-ending pursuit; an everlasting experiment. A lifelong achiever, my greatest struggle has always been to give myself permission to just live; to enjoy special moments and cherish calm moments instead of always working toward a new accomplishment. Read more>>

Vanessa Petronelli | Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher & Speaker for Entertainment Industry Professionals

This was a tough lesson that I had learn and overcome over the years. I used to be a perfectionist and “hard worker” for the majority of my life. Balance was a mental concept and not something I regularly practiced. Growing up I learned that success would only come from consistent and constant effort and hustle. From my teenage years through to my early thirties I burnt the midnight oil, pushing my body to perform and keep up with the demands of my career in the entertainment industry and running my transformational coaching business. Read more>>

Tonnie Acosta | Teacher & Aspiring Children’s Author

Work life balance is such a difficult feat as a teacher. We give so much of ourselves to our students and to our job. The to do list will never end. So for many educators, teacher burn out is a real thing. Taking care of yourself, practicing self care and having balance doesn’t mean you aren’t focused on your business or your goals. I believe it actually makes you a more fearless entrepreneur. My first two years of teaching I really struggled with a work life balance. Read more>>

Nance Rodriguez | Contemporary Jewelry Designer

As a good Libra, I always find myself looking for a healthy balance in all aspects of my life, especially at work. It is very important for me to maintain a feeling of happiness when arriving to my workbench. To make this happen I developed a system which helps me tackle production work from Monday to Wednesday, administrative work on Thursday, and I make sure to not overbook myself so I can have a free pass for Friday, which are the days that I can let my creativity flow to make new designs. Read more>>

Nicole Sandvig | Colorist/ precision cuts /extension specialist

When I was a stylist in my 20’s, I was all about building my clientele. So I worked 5 to 6 days a week all day and took everyone I could. That’s what you do when your new stylist. I thrived off of long days, coffee, and hair. In my 30’s, I had a beautiful daughter that maybe take a step back from the nonstop salon life. I knew I wanted to continue my career and passion while being the best mom I could be. So I went back to work and built my schedule to balance both. I work at a salon where I feel like the environment is true to the person that I am and the clientele that I want. I think balance is something you never stop working on in life. Read more>>

Karen Hutchins | Business Owner, Massage Therapist, Esthetician

For many years I worked at home so my work life and personal life kind of just blended together, and not always in a good way. Since work was always around me it was hard to “stop”. Any chance I got I would feel compelled to check in on my business things. When I opened my brick and mortar business two years ago I finally felt what it was like to leave work and not necessarily be around it while being at home. I thought this would be great and I would have a better work life balance because I could leave work at work and be present at home with my family when I was not at work. Read more>>

Ora Jana | Artist

As a mother, finding balance is so important. We know that our children come first no matter what but finding time to pursue those other things that really light you up inside is crucial. My art and work bring me so much joy and I am grateful every day for that. I am also able to shift the balance and put my projects on hold when my family needs me. I have never felt as creative and inspired as I do at this time in my life and this is also the busiest time in my life with two young and very energetic boys. Read more>>

Kristen Patten | Owner/Baker at 7 Deadly Confections

My work life balance is always going to be a difficult situation. In addition to running 7 Deadly Confections I continue to work full time at UC Riverside. I have been there for about 12 years and its been a pretty demanding job. When my business initially started it wasn’t a large issue and balance was achieved pretty easily. As we began to grow the strain became larger. Many times I have to ask for multiple days off if I’m prepping for a large order. When you control every facet of a business you take on many roles. Read more>>

Spshelle Rutledge | Public Health & Mental Health Advocate | Marine Corps Veteran | Speaker | Mother

Having a mix of work-life-balance began early on in my life. I became a Marine serving over 4 years and throughout that time, my service consisted of working up to 40 hours or more a week while also balancing my personal life and endeavors. When I honorably retired and transitioned back into the civilian workforce, I found myself having to juggle more to include the adjustment. Working full-time at my new job at a hospital, being a mother, co-parenting, trying to maintain healthy relationships, finishing my education and more took up most of what was on my plate. Read more>>

Amber & Chris McClure | Mobile RV Technician

When we first started our business, we would work 7 days a week a lot of times late into the night! It was really hard for us to turn away work and we just wanted to help everyone we could. Over the years and as our children have grown, we realized that these customers we are taking care of have families of their own! They would understand that we needed to have a healthy balance between home life and work life. We started working weekdays only and leaving weekends to absolute emergencies! This gave us time to be with our family and create the memories. Read more>>

Diana Romero | Wedding Planner

Balance has changed over time for myself in many ways. Once I became a wife and mother, the need to delegate increased. I was planning, designed and coordinating most weddings. I began to allow assistant coordinators to close events and eventually lead the wedding days completely. Having a newborn changed many things for me. I could not run the weddings completely from start to finish with a newborn at home and the responsibilities that came with motherhood. I eventually decided to have the coordinators on our team run all weddings. Read more>>

Robin Olive | Director of Straight UP Abilities, Inc and Professional Dancer/Choreographer

Having a creative mind in so many ways is the best blessing ever. But in some ways it can be a crutch. You have to be able to turn it off or at least down sometimes to create balance. In my case, it means I never stop working because I never run out of things to do. But I have learned to balance by scheduling trips to visit my family in N.C. a couple of times a year. You need to check out every once in a while so you can recharge. Then you’ll be able to give even more when you come back. Read more>>

Alison Rose | Senior Managing Consultant & Agile Coach

A healthy work-life balance is essential, but not always achievable at the beginning of your career. In my personal experience, that balance has shifted drastically over the 6 years I’ve been with IBM. I like to think of work-life balance as something I can positively affect rather than a given. During my first 2 years at IBM I hustled. I chose to be the first one to walk in the door every morning and the last one to leave at the end of the day. It was absolutely exhausting, but in my experience, hard work does eventually pay off. Read more>>

Erik Baldwin | Photographer/ Videographer

Time and money are equally valuable. That’s where the balance is. Time doesnt get enough perceived value because we (as a society) are trapped in a race against time. Time to pay bills, time to finish deadline for work. Time to take care of chores and responsibilities. The only time we have left, it usually spend either sleeping or thinking about how we are going to do it all over again. I was lucky enough to find a way to break that cycle. It was a pair of unfortunate events, as well as a beautiful event that made me see the value of time / work balance and how to achieve it. Read more>>

Katy Bray | Vedic Counselor & Teacher

I find that I need to reframe the idea of balance and use the word “harmony” instead. Balance is a word that can bring up my perfectionists qualities and that made balance elude me. Once I understood that harmony was more supportive of me, I started to find it. Harmony allows room for flow and change. At the earlier stages of my business, I was single and not a mother. I could plow full steam ahead with whatever I wanted project was calling to me. Once I became a mother, got married, divorced, dealt with death in the family, and all things life, I recognized that some days, or weeks, I needed to spend more energy in one place than another. Read more>>