We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Donna Faaborg | Social Media Content Creator & Blogger

I am inspired by so many different things which makes this content creating journey so fun and ever-changing. I am inspired to create by movies for outfits, fictional characters and their quotes, music lyrics that spark great video ideas, things that my friends say or do, and probably a million other things. I am constantly amazed by the things other creators do and more often than not, what they create either becomes a great trend for me to participate in or gives an idea of what I can do in a different way entirely. Read more>>

Collin Davis | Vocalist

We are inspired by the musicians who came before us and contributed to the evolution of rock and roll music. We are inspired by the infinite creative possibilities that exist within this art form. We love so many bands old and new, too many to list. We take our songwriting seriously and strive to write something that speaks to people but also hopefully sounds good! Read more>>

Madi Behrman | Photographer

A lot of the inspiration for my work comes from my love of nature, and fashion. Typically, I find those as a juxtaposition, so I try to challenge myself to not only seek out the most sustainably and ethically sourced items to work with, but also show that second hand and vintage items can still be fashionable. Between you and me, nearly all of the props and outfits you see in my photographs have been resourced. Read more>>

Damaris Dover | Realtor & Digital Content Creator

I am inspired by several things and depending on the topic. It looks different. For example, I am inspired by seeing fashionistas on Instagram and Pinterest when it comes to fashion and style.  Generically speaking, in my everyday life, I find inspiration in many things. People I meet, nature, sometimes just the quiet in my own head. I find something deep in there that inspires me to pursue something. My parents and husband inspire me a lot to always push myself and continue growing and evolving. Read more>>

Jordyn Berg | Marketing Specialist & Blogger

I find inspiration in a multitude of places. I’ve found it while driving along the Washington coast, laying in a sunny park, and looking out of an airplane window. If a place evokes some kind of feeling in me, that inspires me. I also find inspiration in other creatives. Whether that’s watching a YouTube video, reading a blog post, or whatever it may be, seeing other people follow their passions and express themselves in different creative avenues makes me want to continue what I’m doing. Read more>>

Marlenee Calderon | Artist

My main inspiration is my culture. I am first generation chicana, my parents are from Mexico. They came to the US back in the 70’s. I embrace both the chicana side and the Mexican side of who I am. Most of the facepaint and drawings I create are of calaveras and payasas. Read more>>

Deonte Dixon | Entrepreneur

I’m inspired by the most normal thing there is. People that have families, and when fathers actually decide to take care of they children. I never understood the typical stereotypical family “mom and dad, they have they own house, they in love”, so when I see it. Its some I want someday. Read more>>