We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Aya Chabayta | Founder and Lead Teacher of Aya Art Co.

I owe so much of my growth to my business because all of the challenges and obstacles that showed up at one point or another were always a direct mirror of a part of myself that needed to grow or be compassionately punched in the face. This aspect of running a business has allowed me to develop such deep insight into who I am and what I need to let go of to create the reality of my dreams. When I first started building my business I was 18 years old, working two jobs, and was also making my way through high school online. Each day of working countless hours felt like I was continuously hunting down my fears, my negative self beliefs, and my insecurities, (which as you can imagine wasn’t that fun). But each time I persevered through what felt like hell on Earth, something miraculous popped it’s head around the corner which resulted in my business growing and being able to impact more people. Read more>>

Kim Jensen | Family and Wedding Photographer

The most important lesson I have learned through running my own business is that you can not expect work to just show up on your doorstep, no matter how good you are at what you do. You have to hustle and hit the ground running every day to make yourself known and find the work and keep that drive and motivation going strong. Read more>>

Alex Kannan | Attorney and Filmmaker.

Persistence is key. Running your own business is rife with stress, uncertainty and tension, as is the practice of law, but one must keep a long term outlook on life and have the proper resources to navigate turbulent times. This is where it is important to have different outlets to properly channel the stress, including but not limited to creating art and exercise. For me, my passion has always been film and music. The practice of law has given me the opportunity to channel this energy and continue to create. Read more>>

Shaw Strothers | Designer & Type 1 Diabetic

The most important lesson I’ve learned through my business is that positivity and hard work feed each other. With only one or the other, you’re half as effective. Hard work alone will get you a long way, but may eventually burn you out if your attitude is bad. Positivity alone will keep your spirits high, but can’t get the job done on its own. I’ve found that I’m most effective when I can combine the two; I get tasks done with a great attitude that makes the work go faster and stays enjoyable. I believe that in the end, my supporters appreciate the thought and care that’s gone into the work and it makes them feel good too. Read more>>

Cynthia Del Valle | Social Media Strategist

The number-one lesson I’ve learned is that you must be prepared to work hard every day. You may be talented and innovative but if you are not willing to do hard work, you are not going to achieve much. I also believe consistency is key to one’s success. You must be regular, steady and reliable. Only with consistent work will you see results. Read more>>

Diana Garcia | Speech Language Therapist

The most important lesson that my business has given me is … not to be selfish by not wanting others to do the same as me, because I realize that this only generates enemies and bad vibes, apart from the fact that the objective is not achieved. for which I have always fought, which is: that everyone who needs to communicate or develop their speech and language achieve it. The world needs more people with love and that instead of competing we support each other to empower ourselves “the sun rises for everyone.” Read more>>