In our experience, values and principles form the foundation for everything. From the health of our inter-personal relationships to the success we experience in our careers – our values and principles and our ability to stay true to them make all the difference. So, we asked the community to share the values and principles that matter most.

Dave Thomas | Gym Owner, Performance360

Transparency. When we opened doors to Performance360 back in 2011, we knew that we wanted to run a different kind of business. We wanted our members to feel like they were a part of every process, all of the growth, and had a personal sense of ownership over the Performance360 community and its success. We felt that the only way we could create the kind of sustainable community we wanted was to be complete and total transparency. Read more>>

Gretchen Burns Bergman | Fashion Show Producer & Drug Policy Reform Advocate

Integrity. I’ve always felt a drive to be an active participant in this life. My sister used to say that it seemed like I needed to fill every single day with important activity or meaning. My father taught me that “your word is your bond.” I believe that you must constantly strive to be the best you can be, to develop and expand your talents and attributes in order to make significant contributions to the world. I hope that I have imparted this principle to my sons as well. As human beings, we all make mistakes, but with the core value of integrity to guide us, we can self-correct to continue to grow and give. Read more>>

Emily Tan | Small Business Owner, Bartender, & Naturopathic Medical Student

AUTHENTICITY. To me, this means that every action that I make for myself and/or my business is congruent with who I am and what I want to accomplish. I really don’t think it matters what you decide to do in life, as long as you have your passion and integrity backing you up. I started my business a year ago, and I definitely had a lot of people telling me how I should run it and what I should do to be “successful, so I constantly checked in with myself along the way to see if I was being congruent and building it with authenticity. Read more>>

James Greene | Host of the I AM James Podcast

Creativity. During my graduate studies I had the opportunity to have an in depth look at psychology. The most fascinating thing was the mind. It was amazing that what people could image could become real. It was one of the few things in the world that is infinite. I think it is one of our purposes for living life. This is a quote about creativity that I love “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook. Read more>>

Fallon Marie | Hair Artist & Makeup

Adding the values of excellence, honesty, and good communication to my clients, community, and family is what is most important to me. Producing high quality work and always showing my best while being honest and communicating effectively with my clients. Read more>>

Anna Leah Mintz | Health Care Consultant, Nutritionist, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Producer/Host of Healthy Haven Live Show

I believe we are all here on a mission to bring G-dliness and humanity into this world to make it a better place. My personal mission that I feel I was brought into this world to do is to help people reach optimal health in the most natural way possible. Read more>>