We had the good fortune of connecting with Anna Leah Mintz and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Anna Leah, Let’s talk about principles and values – what matters to you most?
I believe we are all here on a mission to bring G-dliness and humanity into this world to make it a better place.

My personal mission that I feel I was brought into this world to do is to help people reach optimal health in the most natural way possible.
I received an Honors BA in Drama in Education at the University of Windsor, Ontario and was a former teacher and principal. I valued quality education but more importantly thought it was very important to teach in the most creative way possible. I designed manuals /handbooks and workshops that provided teachers a variety of games and ideas to make every lesson educational and fun.
If a student ended up in my office for misbehaving, I would question if the teachers lesson wasn’t inspiring or interesting enough. I remember when I was a teacher prior to being a principal, my students never wanted to go out for recess as they were happily busy in their groups excited to complete their fun assignment.

After raising my now 3 teens, I changed my practice to focus on Natural health where I received certificates as a Health Consultant, Nutritionist, and Detox specialist from Total Health Mastery. I really value my Emotion Code Certificate from Dr. Bradley Nelson that allows me to get to the ROOT cause of ones health issues.

Being that approximately 85% of ones health issues are emotionally related, I’m able to get into ones subconscious mind where over 60 negative emotions have been stored since as far back as when they were in their mothers womb; and I then remove them one at a time.

This modality addresses physical pain in which most occur due to negative emotions being stored for so long. A classic example is women who have breast cancer following either a divorce or having lost a loved one since this part of the body is very nurturing.

This type of Energy work also helps with mental and emotional issues ie Anxiety, Stress Fear, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Abandonment etc and Physical issues that can include,: digestion, brain fog, sleep disorders, allergies and so much more.

Special sessions I do can include ; Improving Relationships that allows the removal of guilt, forgiving, anger etc that one may have and that is holding them back from having loving and long lasting intimate relationships.

People found great benefits in the Abundance sessions and reported that after all their blockages from becoming abundant and struggling with their career have been removed, they have either received a raise or promotion, got a better job, and client even won his court case ending with a large sum of money.
My daughter and I personally won 2 of the largest prizes each from a supermarket and at a social gathering from their raffles after bringing our abundance up to 100%.

I learned that life is not meant to be a struggle and the universe has an abundance of money for all to go around if we just remove whatever blockages are there to hold us back; whether they be emotional, physical, mental as well as spiritual or negative energies.

These sessions can be done remotely and now with this quarantine due to Covid19, many have found a remote emotion code session to be very ideal as it is all energy work. I work remotely on people all over the globe including pets ie rescue animals who experience anxiety, abandonment, separation , fear etc. I simply use myself as the surrogate to remove all emotions that’s affecting their well -being.

Since I feel every day is a Gift to fulfill your mission, it should always be used wisely and productively. (At least 5-6 days out of the week unless taking a temporary vacation)

I do not believe in retiring until I leave this earth even if it ‘s volunteer work I’m doing as there is always a mission to fulfill and an ongoing purpose for me to be here.

I value the Healthy Haven Show that I produce and host. It is the only live health talk show in San Diego that started last year and has already been acknowledged twice on KUSI news discussing all the show’s benefits and what it offers.

The same way I believe in teachers needing to teach creatively and make every lesson fun, I feel the same concept needs to apply when teaching 21st century health topics to a public audience. Our shows offers door prizes related to health, fun quiz games to keep everyone alert during our 90 minutes presentation, prizes for all winners, interaction with the speakers, entertainment from a variety of performers that emphasize the motto of our show ‘Let’s Create a Healthy Haven Here On Earth !”

Some of our past show topics include a Power Presentation on how the Emotion Code works and its great benefits, The Harm of EMF (Electric Magnetic Frequencies) from I-phones, Cell towers, computers, I-pads and soon the 5G that will effect our Focus, heart, sleep, digestion, mood, DNA and so much more.
Cory Hillis (president of EMF solutions,) discusses this as well as the solutions available.

Other past shows discussed the need to detox your body regularly to be able to better absorb your nutrients and supplements similar to needing to change or clean the oil in your car regularly.

The benefits of being in a state of Blue mind was discussed on our 3rd show and our 4th show that followed was on How to Prevent and Reverse Autoimmune disorders. This show was dedicated to my dad who passed away a few months prior due to 4th stage stomach cancer. I believe this could have been prevented had he had a better diet and lifestyle. He too agreed but unfortunately it was too late by then.

This is a perfect example of why I value a Healthy lifestyle and feel the need to share all the information I continue to gather from specialists and practitioners who also value a “Natural Lifestyle” using all the things that “Mother Nature” has to offer..

My next show will be on the “Suicide Epidemic” as sadly, after this long quarantine ,this has become a more needed topic to have to address.
Our guest speaker is Steve Bouchard who jumped off the Coronado Bridge and will share his story on how grateful he is that his attempt failed. We will end the show with a cake celebration of life. Other speakers will be sharing similar stories.

One of my favorite artists is Elton John who after having made the movie Rocketman stating his depressing childhood ,emphasized on an interview the importance of calling a Hotline when having suicidal thoughts.
We will be honoring his life as well as others who chose to stick around and complete their mission .

How did you get to where you are today professionally. Was it easy? If not, how did you overcome the challenges? What are the lessons you’ve learned along the way. What do you want the world to know about you or your brand and story?
The lesson I learned along the way is that not everyone will appreciate or agree with a Natural Lifestyle or believe for example that EMF’s and blue lights from your screens on phones and computers can be quite harmful to your overall well-being. I learned to just accept their views and “Agree to Disagree”.

This is was probably one of the first things my instructor taught us as he emphasized that one of the hardest things to have to deal with in our practice is that not everyone wants to change their lifestyle and reach optimal health the same way myself and colleagues do.

This acceptance is the most challenging part of my practice.

We’d love to hear what sets you apart from others.
I like to step outside the box. Many times I get asked “How many people do you know that would wear that color or do this or that???. Making me feel like I need to be part of this “Norm”

That question is nothing more than an invitation for me to do the exact opposite from the average norm.

Each one of us was made uniquely with different faces and different personalities.

So long as no rules are broken, I’m free to be unique. I like wearing flowing, bright colors outfits and feel great when I spend my time creating inspirational songs, doing music videos to bring them to life, producing health shows, and healing people using my gifts and modalities. My primary focus will always remain being a Quality mom and wife as I realize my family need me most.

What you are most proud of?
I see my teens and husband appreciating the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

My teens know what to check out food labels and know the meaning and benefits of taking their daily supplements. ie D3K2 combo, fulvic minerals, green smoothies with blue green alge/ spirulina, essential oils, etc. They value a healthy mind set, ie yoga, grounding, meditating. being grateful ie keeping a nightly gratitude journal, helping and giving to others, and doing things they enjoy while expressing their unique qualities and creativity that we all have. Two of my teens were discussing opening a health food store and a private gym. One wants to be a personal trainer and one of them started planting his own organic vegetable garden in our yard while being quarantined all month.

What do you want the world to know about you or your brand and story?
All healthy haven past and future shows as well as podcasts, music videos, products to help keep you in Optimal health from head to toe, can be found on my website www.naturalhealhtyhaven.com

You can email me at Anna@naturalhealthyhaven.com and receive a free 15 minute either health consultation or emotion code release and this can include your pet.

May we all seek our mission in life and realize that each day is a Gift to use and Enjoy to it’s fullest while remaining in Optimal health.!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My 22 year old son Keith Mintz who is a life coach and business consultant. He develops apps and developed a movement to unite people called Allisonemovent The people that I appreciate who make my career a success would be my vidoegraphers who volunteer their time to record and edit my shows , my husband David who helps with all the set ups and take down of show props etc. My daughter Tanya who is only 15 and super computer talented to put together my powerpoint presentations, and work all the projectors etc . She also does all the flyers and keeps my website updated.

Website: www.naturalhealthyhaven.com
Facebook: annaleahteshubamintz
Youtube: naturalhealthyhaven.com
Other: my email is anna@naturalhealthyhaven.com

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I have been posted in the Life Connection magazine by Steve Hayes.