How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Marvin Beltran | Photographer & Videographer

Taking risks will always be something hard that one has to do. A lot of people are scared to take risks because of judgement and or failure. I’ve taken many risks in my life and career, i can honestly say ive gotten more positive than negative out of it! I dont think i would be where i am today if i didnt take all the risks i have taken in my life. My advice to people who are reading this would be to take all the risks you can because if u dont then you never know what it will lead you to down the line and dont be sacred to fail! Failure is important, know why you failed and correct it so it doesn’t happen again and last but not least, learn from yours and other peoples failures, learn what they did wrong instead of focusing on what they did right. Read more>>

Malke Brookler | Photographer & Event Stylist

When I first thought of creating my business, The thought of having my own schedule since I had just become a first time mom back then was something ideal yet being my own boss and motivation had its risks. As a creative person the ideas are limitless and there is no other word than risk when it comes to opening your own business. In my opinion, however you don’t know until you try and that is exactly what I did. I am so happy I did and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. I did start by taking clients just on the weekends slowly to see if that’s what I wanted but then it was clear to me I needed to make that first jump and go all in to make my dream a reality. Read more>>

Clicia Huang | Custom Jewelry Designer

I grew up with my parents always telling me that he only regrets we have are the ones of the chances we never took and because of that, we moved around quite a lot, from Brazil to Equador, later USA, Taiwan and China. Having to start over, learn a new culture, language and change and adjust to create a new life eventually became the foundation that led me to start my business. When you are surrounded by different people, cultures, values and expectations, we often feel the need to conform, and over the years I realized that I did not matter how much I tried, I would always be different. Read more>>

Jesse Belvin | Entrepreneur & Content Creator

I actually love risk taking. One of my favorite mini quotes in business and in life is that “You only need to be right once.” That resonates so much for me. I fell in love with trying different ventures. When it comes to business, you do only need to be right once. But, being right multiple times is pretty cool too. Read more>>

Felicia Searcy | Transformational coach and international speaker

Taking risks is such a key element in our careers and in life. We all get the nudge for something more expansive. It is life Force Energy inviting us to discover more of who we are created to be. But, the invitation for something bigger, bolder, more dynamic lies beyond our area of knowledge. The very nature of a dream implies risk. But it is not risk just for the sake of risk, it is realizing that there is not only a better result or experience on the other side of that risk. Read more>>