Deciding to start a business is an unusual decision. It’s often considered irrational and yet for many it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. So we asked folks to think back to when they were starting their businesses and to tell us about their decision making process.

Alexia & Morgan Heyl & Wurtzler | Business Owners & Ocean Enthusiasts

Morgan and I have shared a passion for entrepreneurship for as long as we can remember. We both formed an interest for ideation and brand creation through studying marketing and business in college. After graduating, we both ended up back in San Diego (where we grew up together) and reconnected. We were sitting at La Jolla Shores one day talking about our love for the ocean and our shared passion for creating a great product some day. Eventually that conversation turned into an idea and that idea became a reality. We took it step by step and day by day, without putting too much pressure on ourselves and all of the sudden we had a legitimate business. Read more>>

Rave Reid | Breathwork Guide & Self Love Mentor

Last year I attended my first breathwork class and it absolutely changed my life. What vividly came through for me in that first session was that I needed to share this with others ASAP- that sharing breathwork was my calling. I began practicing my own breathwork consistently and it healed and open my heart from past pains and traumas. Read more>>

Shayla Lee | Photographer, Stylist, & Vintage Curator

I started my online vintage shop called Another Love Vintage during the pandemic. Since I was a child, I loved thrifting and antique shopping and it was a dream to re-sell things that I found. Before COVID-19 hit, I was doing freelance marketing and traveling a lot photographing music festivals. Obviously shows stopped because of the pandemic and I was at home in Canada with a lot of extra time. I decided I had the ability to go for it, and I had less pressure on myself because I knew it was a pandemic and people might not be buying things. Read more>>

Wyatt Worden | Telos Founder & CEO

Telos was born out of frustration, frustration with fundraising. I came up with the idea after spending a few difficult months as a development officer for a small nonprofit organization. I had a background in payment processing, so I had become accustomed to closing a deal once and earning income from that account for years and years afterward. Read more>>

Bryant Lamar | Artist/Producer, Owner 4U Media Group, Operations Director BHM Entertainment

I’m a big advocate of entrepreneurship. I was raised by an entrepreneur, my grandmother, who did her due diligence of maintaining her 9-5 but always kept her personal agenda as an author, minister, city development board member, and more at the forefront. I believe that having your own business is a key factor to success. I believe many people are intimidated by the idea because when they think about starting their own business their imagination takes them to a multi-level corporation such as google, apple, or amazon. Read more>>