Our businesses can feel like a part of us and so it’s often awkward to talk about why we are proud of our businesses, but it’s important to do so because talking about what makes us proud is what helps us double down on the values, principles, and best practices that matter most.

Bonnie Weiss | Educational Therapist & Business Owner

The thing I’m most proud of about The Family & Learning Center is the positive impact we have on students and their families. Most of our students come to us after experiencing significant struggle in school. They are defeated and discouraged. Their parents are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. By meeting the student at their skill level and utilizing instructional methods and strategies that fit with the student’s learning profile, we’re able to build their skills and help them experience success as a learner. The more success they experience, the more their confidence begins to grow. Read more>>

Adi Ramon | Co-Founder

I like this question! It connects me right to our mission statement which is ‘To help the world resonate at a higher vibration by providing health elevating and delicious beverages’. We are passionate about health & wellness and every flavor/formulation that we develop (all in house) has to hit both criteria. What makes us proud is knowing that we offer people a natural lifestyle medicine in the most delicious and refreshing way! and what gives us goos-bumps, is the various testimonials we receive from people that not only loving the taste of M but also feel the effect and benefits from drinking our functional kombucha. Read more>>


Lan Nguyen | Film & Video Director

With what I have done, I’m proud I was able to find a way and build a lane coming from a city where what I do isn’t a hot commodity as well as something you dont see coming out of San Diego everyday. Read more>>

Sean Boyd | Artistic Director

I am most proud of the people I have met and that have joined our mission along the way. The performing arts has been and always will be a collaborative field. Having met so many extraordinary collaborative artists has truly been a dream come true. Read more>>

Cathy Carey | Artist

Being an artist is a difficult and all consuming career. You put in a lot of hours not knowing if you are going to have success in terms of a quality piece of art, or a sale! So much of art and being creative is being experimental and being open to outcome, without regard to a finished successful piece of art. Sometimes I have learned the most from a complete disaster because it pointed me in the right direction. I have had to keep choosing art as a career over and over in my life. Read more>>

Carrie Hoffman | Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader

Hearing our retreat guests and students express gratitude and tell us they’ve learned something life-changing or valuable from us! Read more>>

Deborah Marin-Nikolin | Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractor

There are several things that make me proud of the business I’ve built. During this quarantine I have become particularly aware of that. Most of the families I serve see chiropractic care as a critical component of their health. Despite the government’s recommendations to stay home and isolate, most of my families continue to come in for regular chiropractic care so they can maintain their health and support their immune system.  It is always a compliment when a practice member refers their family and friends in. Read more>>

Terry Worley | Owner

I started TUTUTerry almost 6 years ago, at age 50, and have had growing success over the years. This past year, I have had a significant growth in private clients from around the world for my designs. What makes me incredibly proud about my business is that I now have a following of dancers and clients that have grown to trust me in aesthetic decisions while knowing they will get a product that fits well and is appropriate to their own aesthetic, age, body type and artistic expression on stage. Read more>>

Charles Smith | Executive Producer

American Glass was a project built to support the local community artists and the feedback we’ve received to support the artists we’ve chosen has been phenomenal. The artists that we selected and were able to start showcasing has been educational and given us an abundance of knowledge on both the art itself and how to best support this endeavor as a business. Read more>>