We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

First x band Official | Band

perseverance and hard work Read more>>

Jessica Betts | Musician\Singer\Songwr

The most important factor behind my success and brand is hardwork and determination. Never giving up and never giving in. Believing in myself and believing that all things are possible. I trust my gift. Read more>>

Nicholas Fiorentino | Owner of The Meatery

For some reason, The Meatery has just been a magnet that has attracted amazing people. The reason our brand is so successful is incredibly simple; our customers. We love them, and they love us. For some reason, good old fashioned Customer Service has been deprioritized by many companies and we have used this to our advantage. It is our absolute mission to provide customers with not only an exceptional product, but a memorable experience. Read more>>

Monique Rodriguez | Founder & Owner of Old Salt Merchants

The single most important factor behind Old Salt Merchant’s success is our mission to authentically celebrate food and culture from around the globe by sourcing high quality, unique and bold spices, salts, sugars and teas. Our high quality of standards has allowed us to build a very loyal and satisfied customer base. Read more>>

Era Bayrak | Model

If you believe in your potential and work hard for it, success will come to you. You just have to keep going without giving up. Life is like the navigation devices we use. It creates a new route for us every time we miss the way to the destination. Only the time and the people we walk with change on the way to the goal. Read more>>

Bryan Barnes | Creative Art Director & Artist

I have a relentless drive and passion to create. My work ethic, mindset, positive attitude, goals, dreams, daily habits, principles and strong family inner circle guide me forward to achieve success. Read more>>

Jackson Herrera | Guitar Builder

My brand is very young; so far, I think part of the appeal relies on creativity and the ability to present a new take with a classic design. Read more>>

Ryan Engle | Surfboard shaper and clothing designer

Authenticity. We have a story and a history of our brand. Our influence comes from the beginning of our story and the legacy it built. Read more>>

Tyquan Hodac | International President of MZK Worldwide | Government Contracts Administrator | Artist/Brand Manager

The main success is serving the mission and others above your individual needs. Leadership is always about serving, and when you build a culture within your organization to be selfless by leading by example from the front, it goes a long way. This promotes healthy relationship amongst team members to be inspired and motivated to work together towards the mission. Read more>>

Richard Woods | Broker Owner and Attorney

Being consistent in marketing and providing a high level of customer service. Read more>>