We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Nicole Baraibar | Fitness Instructor & Body Transformation Coach

In recent years the Internet has changed the way interact and has made a huge impact when we were hit with the news of a Global Pandemic. From purchasing groceries online to banking, we no longer have to step foot into facilities to complete everyday tasks or even run a business. The Internet has completely changed the way businesses run and will continue to in upcoming years with the advancement of technology. I keep saying we took huge leaps moving online to adapt to the news of business closures. I decided to take it to a new level and continue helping and guiding our clients and bringing on hundreds of new ones! Here at All Bout Fitness Club we are dedicated to guiding our clients in all aspects of Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability! With all three you just can’t fail! We were told to “Social distance” in fact that was not the same as “Physical Distance” that is why we offer a 100% remote fitness model. Read more>>

Cathlyn Choi | TV/Film Producer & Media Arts Non Profit Founder

Living in Southern California gives us all a unique opportunity to explore and discover the many wonderful diasporas and cultures that call our region home. This is especially true for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, which is California’s fastest growing ethnic community, comprising nearly 15% of the population. However, this community has also faced many challenges in having an equitable voice of representation and even understanding mainly due to cultural and language barriers. I’ve always been an advocate for the under-represented, no matter what the circumstances. I feel everyone should have an opportunity to be heard, no matter their socio-status or cultural background. In response as a Korean American, with my husband Eric Michelson’s support, I founded a grassroots, non-profit organization called Asian Culture and Media Alliance or ACMA in 2013, to create a stronger voice of unity, awareness and understanding of our AAPI community through the power of Television, Film and New Media. Read more>>

Tony Teravainen | CEO & Co-Founder

Since March, our program shifted gears some and started providing food and diapers to military families required to stay on base, with limited contact. Over 8,000 have been served and it’s been inspiring to see the community join together to make it possible. It has also allowed us to touch base with families who are sacrificing so much right now. Let them know they are not alone, their community cares and wants to ensure they have what they need to thrive. Our main program is about overall financial well-being and how we can provide the skills necessary to be successful long-term. With the job losses we are seeing with active duty spouses, it’s never been more critical to get to these families before it’s too late. The long-term effects of COVID-19 on our military and Veterans has yet to be seen. Read more>>

SaCha Brackins, JD. | Entrepreneur & Legacy Builder

We work very closely with the community to help individuals and their families build a legacy. Often times a legacy that is what they thought was possible. The pillars of B.Creative are Creativity, Freedom, and Legacy. We help to change the lives of the individuals in our community and make a difference in the generations to come. Read more>>