Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Soheil Nakhshab | Architect, Developer, Structural Engineer & Builder

I was introduced to engineering and architecture at a young age as my father worked in the industry. Once I reached high school, I was fully immersed in the trade and ready to follow his career path. As a I studied Engineering at San Diego State, I was lucky to be able to work for multiple leading architecture and engineering firms. By the time I was a senior in college, I already had eight years of experience under my belt. While I was so incredibly appreciative of all the people who took a chance by hiring me, I envisioned a career path not as an employee of a firm, but as the leader of my own. I wanted to be able to dictate which projects I took on, who I worked with, etc. I approached my father and expressed the desire to start my own company. Read more>>

Iva Velkovska | Founder

As a culturally diverse lifelong learner, a former professional tennis player and an enduring philanthropist, I’ve always spired to create an impact and environments where other individuals/ children feel empowered. With a strong desire for helping people and the ability to lead individuals along the process of making a difference in the world is a huge passion of mine. So, I thought how could I get more people to do more great things? What if I create a platform that will be a one hub stop for all things philanthropy? From education to random acts of kindness, to finding out way you can help in your community or various places to volunteer? And that is how Generation Impact was born. Read more>>

Ben Weiland | Filmmaker

I was interested in telling stories about exploration and adventure, and specifically searching for undiscovered waves in the Arctic regions of the planet. As I started traveling and writing for Surfer Magazine I realized that it was something I could do full time, so I quit my office job to be a filmmaker full-time. Read more>>

Amanda Murphy | Fine Artist, Muralist & Illustrator

I have changed my mind about my career so many times, but one thing always remained true. Having a successful career was my priority, and creativity had to be a part of it. I wanted to start my own business so I could enjoy the flexibility and control of making my own schedule. I wanted to direct my career to fit my needs and passions. I wanted the challenge of building something from the ground up, the ultimate creative project! I am still working on building my business daily. With the ever changing technology and culture of our world, I will always be learning and adapting to keep my business going strong. Read more>>

Chanise Parks | Writer & Entrepreneur

For me, starting my own business was really about providing myself with a platform to be as creative as I wanted to be, without anyone having the ability to stifle that creativity, like I had experienced in the past while working for other companies. Overtime, I began to feel frustrated when employers wanted to put me in a box in terms of my tasks and responsibilities, when I knew I was capable of so much more. Also, as a child, I remember seeing my mother own her own company as a daycare provider, as well as my family on my father’s side owning a beauty salon. So, entrepreneurship is something that is in my blood, although it took me a while to step out on faith and go for it in my own life. There’s a certain freedom that comes from the ownership over your own time and activities, as well as the freedom that comes from being able to pursue your vision for the world on your own terms. Read more>>

Christina Curiel | Musician & Artist

The moment I was able to, at the age of fourteen I began working for the family in a musical instrument store. I used the money I made to buy transportation, eventually leading up to cars. When I was sixteen years old, I had already graduated high school, and began working full time. I would buy cars, fix them, and sell them. By the age of 21 I had part ownership of the music instrument store, an operating venue, and a music school. I think the best way to see ‘business’ is by provoking opportunities. Maintaining moral principle is the utmost prolific aspect of operating business. Earning a reputation as a fair, honest, and compassionate entity is more reprehensible than an entity prioritizing financial prowess over veracity. Read more>>

Devon Devereaux | Artist & Designer

The process of starting my own business was out of necessity. I entered the world of fine art/illustration/design in the late 90s. There was a system in place to go about these careers. Since then, the information age has created a bit of chaos in the art world. Its a much friendlier place for DIY creators. There are an abundance of new platforms to create and distribute products like Kickstarter, Instagram and other social media platforms. I found more success doing my own thing. I worked really hard in the beginning of my career trying to find illustration work for magazines and publications. I found it was really competitive and didn’t pay my bills. When I decided to break free of that and started making and distributing my own products, there was a lot more satisfaction both financially and creatively. Read more>>

Madi Rindge | Alt R&B / Pop Singer, Songwriter & Producer

My mom loves to tell the story of when I was 5 years old at my own birthday party, and I went around personally handing out cake to everyone (and there were like 100 people lol). Ever since I was a little kid, I was drawn to taking care of people. And the way I would get to do that on a large scale, was to run my own business. Read more>>

Sergio Gutierrez | Professional Musician, Artist & Entrepreneur

This is a very easy question to answer for me as I have learned one simple fact from the late great mentor Jim Rohn: Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune. What do I like to do that will make people feel something? CREATE! It was a slow process being able to pay my bills with a paintbrush but I live well, travel, invest, and continue to keep building my business and talents. I think most people don’t start their own businesses because of fear. And fear is a good thing! When you’re fearful to do something but you muster up the courage and take one step, the second step becomes easier. Then the third step may not be easier than the second step, but at least you have more confidence and knowledge than when you first began the journey of starting your own business. Read more>>

Monica Hunt | Photographer

My thought process behind starting my own business, was that I wanted to spend my time doing something that I was truly passionate about. I wanted to bring joy to others while being able to lead with my heart. This business allows me to do all of that and more! I love capturing special moments on camera. I believe it is truly important to have memories captured to look back on, from your Wedding Day, to remember all the big and small details, laughter and love shared, and all the special moments that passed so quickly, to maternity, to remember just how it felt to have your little one in your belly, to annual family photos, to freeze time and capture the little faces, hands, and personalities of your little ones that seem to grow too quickly. I love how much joy these memories bring to my clients, and I love how much joy it brings to me capturing them. I also love that I can do it all while creating my own schedule so I don’t miss any important moments with my own family. ♥️ Read more>>