Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Audrey Wheeler | Food Blogger & Child Care Provider

With the pandemic, everyone’s life has been flip-turned and it’s hard to stay motivated. Personally, I’ve wanted to throw in the towel with my food blog because sometimes it felt like, “What’s the point?” And in moments like that, it’s most important to remember to keep going and to never give up as cliché as it may sound. When this thought process occurs, I meditate about the different factors that make what I do important. My food adventures showcase diverse foods and the pandemic has made me focus on the smaller businesses that are hurting. These small businesses are the backbone of our community. Each and every business that I’ve had the opportunity to support has its own unique flare that makes it special to San Diego. I’ve had my fair share of takeout meals throughout this quarantine and I try to do my part in helping these businesses thrive (by treating myself and giving a nice tip!) As difficult as it may be to make takeout look pretty, I’m hoping that this food blog helps bring awareness to what is open and delicious. Read more>>

Lisa McCabe | Owner of Lovely Leaps

This is the million dollar question, how do I know when to give up or keep going…… I was recently hit with this decision a little under a month ago and I decided to keep going. This is why My original motto is find something you love so much you would do it for free and then Create your business around that. I find most people give up because they aren’t making enough money to sustain the company and don’t want to do the work for free. When starting a business no one tells you that you end up working a decent amount for free and if that upsets you, you might be In The wrong industry. So to conclude how do you know when to give up or to keep going? The answer is simple, if the work gives you joy, you’re making a difference in at least 1 other life and you can make the time for it then keep going. Read more>>

The Julesjules | Illustrator

I want to give up every other day! And I feel like I’m always pushed to that point. But it’s those moments, funny little happen and it makes me a wonder.. Though, that’s it! The “Life” test, like, I taught myself this one skill (drawing). Why don’t I keep trying to find out what it is I’m trying to do with art, kinda, range out of order, find out. I tell you, the journey is most fun. Within the journey you can find out things you like and don’t like, and what still needs some pushing. I’ve learned now, And the key really is in those moments that one wants to give up. Think how far you’ve gotten, even if it was just a little bit further. There’s still so much to do and discover parts of yourself and skills you have yet to learn. Besides all that, my short answer is to keep going. Absolutely no matter what. Read more>>

Milan Williams | Filmmaker & Motion Graphics Designer

This question, without a doubt, is the hardest for me to answer… it is not a question that provides a definite right or wrong response. It is based solely on intuition. Which for most is scary. I know for myself it is. Often my gut feeling would terrify me. I envied those who could know right away the path they needed to take, for the need to second guess and double-check has always been a nagging fly in my ear and to finally be faced with the question to either keep going or quit, had always given me goosebumps. However. With many crossroads that arise as we make our journey’s through our lives, we are often met with this same sinking feeling. Do I continue? Or do I cut my losses? Is it better to have quit before I am rejected or is it better to have dreamed, if only it remains in the recesses of my mind? So many times I have found myself debating the outcome of a decision. Read more>>

Jake Columna | Artist/Film Photographer

This goes through my head a lot and it always comes down to these two reasons. I’ve put it a good amount of work to get where I’m at, so stopping now just wouldn’t make any sense. Giving up also yields no progress. If I’m ever in a slump creatively, the best thing I’ve noticed helps is to just take a break. Easier said than done obviously, especially when the flow of it gives you purpose, but I found that taking a break and writing all ideas, good or bad, will help in the long run. The creativity will come back and when it does, the fire comes back stronger… Also, I spent a good amount of money on film and cameras, so that thought alone is good enough for me to keep going. Read more>>

Trevor Plume | Musician & Mechanical Engineer

Passion, which is what I’ve always tried to construct my music around, isn’t forgiving of quitting. There had been many times throughout the tumultuous genesis of my group, The Guest Room, that we felt things going nowhere. I think if not for our love of writing, playing, and performing, we would have gave up pretty early on. Even through a once in a century pandemic, we’ve found the will to keep on because our passion and love for the music we create doesn’t go away. Because of this, I find it hard to imagine anything, be it negative reviews, financial woes, etc., keeping us from continuing. Read more>>

Deserie Fisher | Music Marketing / Artist Branding

How can anyone give up on their dreams? What happens is most people don’t want to put in the work to get the success. Most people want the easy route to success, but there isn’t an easy route. You have to work smart and work hard. . So much has to do with your belief in yourself, and executing with the right team. If I choose to work with you, it is because I believe in your craft, you and the strength you bring to our team collectively. I always go after what I want and I don’t stop until I make it mine. Read more>>