Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Lauren Powell | Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist

The most important factor behind my success has been human connection. I’ve developed some really amazing relationships with clients and as a result they are happy to refer their friends and family. Having those referral relationships has been huge for my business. Something I don’t think would be possible if I didn’t put the time in to get to know my clients and understand how to keep them on task while they manage their health and personal issues. Read more>>

Christopher Spell | Owner of Against Odds Athletics Inc.

Relentlessness, consistency, competitiveness, dedication & sacrifice are the most important factors that lead to my success. Read more>>

Andrea Graves | Owner of Divine Microblading by Andrea LLC.

This question is one I hold on to. It is exactly what my business was built on. The most important factor behind my success is 100% God. I was not even sure I could do this until God called me to do it. When He calls you to do something, He has already fully equipped you to do it even if you don’t feel it yet. All He needs for you to do is take the risk and step out in FAITH! I was in the dental field for over 23 years and I was doing very well in my career but I always felt that there was something more. Read more>>

Ton Ayres | Visual Artist & Activist

Resourcefulness is the most important thing behind my success. Art has been in my life since I’m very young, Growing in up in a humble family in Brazil I began learning arts and crafts when I was only 11 years old. At that time my mom taught how to recycle and reuse things and turn it to art. Read more>>

Simon & Liza Pacific Vows | Wedding/Elopement photographers

We think there’re a few things that can make or break your business. The most important one for us has been having a very strong “why”. There will be hundreds of challenges on your way to success, no matter what type of business you’re in. All kinds of things are going to happen. A strong “Why” will keep your focus on the big picture, on what really matters. It will propel you forward. To this day we’ve never met someone who’s become successful in business without having something bigger than themselves driving them. It can’t be just money, or fame, or anything else of that calibre. You must ask yourself why it’s essential for your business to work, and keep asking until you find the answer. Read more>>

Kandi Gavin | Interior Designer

I believe the most important factor behind my success is the fact that I stay completely true to who I am and I follow my intuition when it comes to my business. I believe you always feel when something is right and it is important to listen to those instincts when they come along. When you are truly authentic you become a magnet to the things meant for you in the universe. Read more>>

Alejandra Parsons | Licensed Esthetician & Entrepreneur

There are many crucial factors that are essential to becoming successful, however the most important to me has been resilience. Success truly comes from the ability to build yourself back up when you have been knocked down and keep going until you reach your goals. Read more>>

Dr. Erica Wollerman | Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Thrive Therapy Studio

I believe that Thrive Therapy Studio has been successful due to the sheer passion that drives all of us to do the work that we do. I have been fortunate to have found team members at Thrive who are equally passionate about helping children, teens, families, and parents live their best lives and know how to support them in order to do that! I also believe that my personal passion for connecting with the community has been as asset as I love meeting people and sharing about our work, which has helped spread the word about Thrive and what we offer the community. Read more>>

Trentin Cady | San Diego Real Estate Expert

I would say the most important part of my success and brand would be the consistency of hard work day in and day out. Utilizing platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Business, YouTube and more has really allowed me to organically reach a ton of buyer and sellers in San Diego and lets them see my body of work. I can include past sales, reviews, market updates, and daily updates that gives my sphere of influence confidence that I am the market expert and they can trust me to help them get the best deal. Read more>>

Amanda Stawarz | Hair Stylist and Dreadlock Specialist

I think that the most important factor behind my brand and success would be staying educated and constantly trying new things. I love learning and trying out new techniques and products. Staying educated is so important in my industry. It also keeps my job interesting and new which is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. Read more>>

Amir Salahi | EE, MSEM, Six Sigma Green Belt

In my humble opinion, creativity combined with persistence make the most important factor for anybody’s success. Read more>>