Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making.  And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck.  We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Draymond “Tha Great” | Serial Entrepreneur

The “X” or The “it” factor behind my success is that I understand that you can not give up and that as long as there are people in the world… someone doesn’t know who or what your brand is or what is the mission behind it… I’ve decided that everyday I will make at least 1 person that doesn’t know my brand, know 1 thing about it. Read more>>

Whitney Hill | Co-Founder of SnapADU, a Design + Build Construction Company

Focus has been the single most important factor behind our success. We created SnapADU to focus exclusively on designing, permitting and building accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in San Diego so that we can deliver a consistently positive experience for our clients. By specializing in detached granny flats, instead of taking on other residential construction work like renovations or custom homes, we have seen several different benefits: 1) Build expertise. Since we only build ADUs, we have quickly gained experience with the nuances of the local and state zoning and planning regulations, as well as the sitework and vertical construction watch-outs. Read more>>

Jake Vasquez | Owner Operator

A Good name building power and relevance in our brand. Putting out a great product. The success of our brand is our clients. Because without their vision our skills and knowledge of the industry we have no brand Read more>>

Ashley Jade | Hairstylist & Special Event Make-Up Artist

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is going the extra mile for each guest that comes into my studio. What I have learned throughout my career as a cosmetologist is that hairdressing is more than a craft.
Hairdressing and make-up artistry is a craft in the form of a self-care service we offer to our community. Self-care is essential for each and every one of us, though we tend to put it off because of many other things on our to-do list. I make it my absolute priority that guests who enter my private hair studio leave better than when they first enter. Maintaining the consistency of what keeps my guests coming to my business is the secret I have learned as a small business owner. As Maya Angelou said in her famous quote; ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. My number one priority is to make sure every person feels empowered about themselves after visiting my studio. Read more>>

Mireille Bertrand | Founder and Creative Director

By opening Maquillage USA, it’s truly my goal to elevate the level of makeup education offered in the United States. Our curriculum is specially tailored to prepare students for an IMMEDIATE transition from student to working professional. Yes, we educate in classrooms, but we are also often on location; we might have class one day at the beach, or in a warehouse, so students can experience what it’s like to be a working artist who doesn’t always have access to a clean table and perfect lighting. We also recognize that there are so many skills you need as a successful artist aside from just the raw talent, which is why we also offer in-depth courses on Business and Etiquette. This make the success of our school. Read more>>

Natalie Teboul | Owner/Founder of NBTutors, Director of Education at The Learning Space @ Inspired Movement Dance

The most important factor behind success is passion. I can confidently say I love my customers and working with kids! Read more>>