Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Kriss Blevens | Master Makeup Artist & Beauty Life Coach

I have a favorite yet powerful affirmation that came to me at a peak of my career as a political makeup artist. It was 2008 in Simi Valley California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and I was about to do makeup for Senator John McCain for the final presidential debate of that election cycle. However, at the last minute, I was quickly ushered to the veranda overlooking the Simi Valley Mountain range where the press were lined up for this monumental event. I was told I needed to put some makeup on the governor, and fast. It did not occur to me until he was approaching that it was Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, my kids favorite movie icon. We had a quick introduction and according to my producer it would need to be an even quicker application than I had planned for. Read more>>

Sean ‘Laine’ Netherlain | Portrait Photographer

“It’s not what you look at that matters, its only what you see”, I heard this line in a song called ‘Burden’ by Chrome Waves. For photography, it just clicked inside my head. In this field, every day we walk by things that see very common, part of our daily lives, but as photographers we end up finding the beauty in what we see, in certain parts of scenery that others often overlook. It end up becoming a staple of what I do. Read more>>

Gerardo Urias | Author

“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.” ~ Marcus Aurelius This quote helped save my life when I was stuck in depression. It is the most truthful and important statement in existence. Read more>>