What’s been your favorite thing to do during quarantine? Check out some responses from the community below.

Jenny Eastwood | Co-Owner

We have kept busy during quarantine by working hard to keep our newly opened Cheese Shop & Cafe up and running! It’s been a challenge, to say the least, opening a few weeks before a mandatory stay at home order was issued… However, from day one, we were in touch with all relevant Health Departments to make sure we meet all requirements to stay open; we follow very strict guidelines. Unfortunately, we received no federal, state or local business assistance so we will stay open as long as possible and hope we can weather this pandemic. It makes for interesting days! Read more>>

Vickie Roan | Dancer

My natural tendency is to over-schedule my calendar and squeeze in every errand, obligation and social opportunity I can. I love being busy and I thrive off of being as “productive” as possible. This quarantine has obviously slowed me down, as it has everyone else, and at first, it was scary to look at all of my cancelled events and have my calendar go from bursting at the seams to eerily empty. Initially, I saw it as an opportunity to squeeze in all of the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to indulge in. Read more>>

Taylor Carpenter | Founder

Before the quarantine I made handmade chalk bags for rock climbers. One everything shut down, business almost completely stopped for us. After a few weeks I realized I had all of the materials I need from the chalk bags to design a face mask. Now I am sewing around the clock making face masks and every one that is sold I donate one to someone in need! Read more>>

Phoenix Rose Hoffman | Freelance Animator & Illustrator

Quarantine has given me all sorts of opportunities to learn new trades and develop previously lost skills. For instance, one new activity I’ve started is writing letters. Over the last few months I must’ve sent at least 50 letters to various people, friends and family alike. I send letters to my significant other at least a few times a week and sometimes even daily for a few days at a time. I have gained various pen pals- the first of which was a follower who reached out to me on social media from France asking to write back and forth- from all over. Read more>>

Nicholas Aceves | Artist & Graphic Designer

During these troubling and uncertain times, a positive thing that has come with it is that it allowed me to get back into painting and producing artwork in a matter I’ve haven’t done in quite some time. Now that I’m home almost 24/7, it has allowed me to slow down my created process and focus on creating work that’s much more personal and fulfilling. Over the last two years, I’ve switched mostly to creating digital artwork, which then can easily be printed serval times over. Now with my bespoke paintings, I’ve become more connected with my artwork and such my enthusiasm has highen when finishing each piece. Read more>>

Tyler Young | Mixed Media Craft & Sculpture Artist

One of the biggest things that I have done to keep myself busy is just making weird and really trashy things that I normally discard in my sketchbook. I have always found myself as a compulsive maker, whether that meant sketching random ideas or making really rough sculptures. Usually, I would discard most of these ideas and get back to actual work that I feel comfortable submitting for either school or any gallery work. But lacking that external pressure and also desperately needing something to make myself laugh, I started making work from my really undeveloped ideas. Read more>>

Angelo Dickens II | Realtor

My favorite think to do…to be honest is helping keep people informed through the profession I’m in. Being a Realtor is a challenge right now, but providing information and value to those that are hungry for it makes me happy! I also enjoy seeing my family around the house more, and helping my son with his online class work. I’ve kept busy by helping around the house, going to the office to work on finding ways to stay relevant, and keeping people informed about the real estate market. Read more>>

Monica Martin | Artist

My favorite thing to do during quarantine has been to create. Whether it was trying a new technique in art, or trying a new recipe in the kitchen. As an artist, working from home is my normal, and I am lucky to have a space where I can work on art. I have had the opportunity to take a few online paint classes, and started an art journal to document my thoughts and artwork during the quarantine. I’ve spent a lot more time with my children watching movies, doing puzzles and just being together. Read more>>

Carla Falb | Painter & Professor

During this quarantine, like most teachers and professors throughout our country, I’ve had to transition to teaching remotely. I have taught art over thirty years and what I love most about my job as a professor at Fullerton College, is spending time with my students, getting to know them, and teaching creative skills that have been so important to me in my life as an artist. While I really miss being in the classroom, I’ve decided to make the best of our current situation, and have kept myself busy making YouTube videos of my teaching demonstrations. Read more>>

Kim Vinatieri | Salon Owner

First of all I want to say how much I miss my clients and being able to work behind the chair! I’ve managed to stay sane during quarantine by taking a lot of walks with my dog and being outside as much as possible. The sunshine definitely helps my mood! I’m also taking this time to pay special attention to my hair and skin care routines, doing weekly at home facials and hair masks with limited heat styling. Read more>>

Jacqueline Penhos | Founder & Empowerment and Mindfulness Coach

It’s funny how life always has a way of recreating and sometimes changing our plans. During this quarantine, I had planned on creating online courses for my Empowerment and Diversity Coaching while I continued to teach my amazing college students. However on the evening of March 16th, something magical happened 5 weeks ago in the midst of all the stress, worry, and uncertainty. We (Hugs & Bags, A Love Movement, NPO) began delivering meals to Seniors, Students at risk and un-sheltered, people with disabilities, folks impacted by COVID 19 and anyone else in need. We serve 700 meals daily and have helped over 6,000 people. Read more>>