Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net.  It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Devin Wade | Performer & Creative

I don’t know if I would be able to narrow it down to a single aspect or desire. Even before I knew I had an interest in pursuing a career through the arts I was already indoctrinating myself within it subconsciously. Whether that was putting an impromptu shows for my family (almost always made up on the spot), choreographing fake fight scenes with no one but myself, creating comic strips for friends at school or my gravitation towards role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Check out my podcast “R.O.L.L. CALL” if D&D I is also an interest of yours. Around high school is when I realized that this was something that I never want to stop chasing. Initially I believed this passion came from wanting to impress other people and have it be a job, but I quickly realized that I was perusing this even more for my own sake. Not that I ever stopped being overly concerned about how individuals perceive me. Read more>>

Shannon O’Hara | Luxury Boudoir Photographer

I am and have always been a very creative person, but I can’t overstate how challenging it can be to translate creativity into a successful business. For me, it’s important that my photography nurtures my creativity AND is I can provide an amazing experience for my clients that they feel good about paying me a livable wage to execute. The idea of the ‘starving artist’ is so scary when you choose to pursue creativity as a career. When I decided to get into the business of photography I made that decision because like many other millennials I was faced with the duality of wanting to be a success, but also not wanting to be chained to a desk in an office. Working for someone else drained me creatively, I am a horrible office employee, lol, and I crave the flexibility to create when it suits my schedule. It was always really challenging for me to have to be in an office for set hours, and then being awake and inspired at 1am…but unable to create because I have to go to bed to be in the office by 8am. Read more>>

Aimee La Joie | Actress, Writer, Director

Movies have been my life and I have always known I would be involved with them at some capacity. You never know when your payoff is going to be in the entertainment industry. There are a lot of sacrifices you make compared to people with more stable professions. You have to be passionate and crazy to do it. And I am both. Read more>>

Alex DeSouza | Artist, Podcaster, Naturalist

I really like that I get to learn about myself and create projects based on my passions. At the end of the day an ‘artistic’ or ‘creative’ career just means being solid in who you are and creating content based on that. “I do what I love and that’s it” as Imogen Heap would say. From drone videography, to personal youtube videos, to video podcasting, and scanography art, it’s all an extension of myself. The real work is making sure I always stay true to who I am. The monotonous work becomes less of a chore once you know why you are really doing it and the end goal is something that truly comes from your heartspace. I’m still in the beginning of expanding my online presence, and the more authentic and vulnerable I am, the more people respond, as well as the more fulfilling the content and projects I create are. It’s been such a cool journey so far and can’t wait to see how it unfolds in the future. Read more>>

Alex Elisabeth | Singer, Musician

Growing up, I was always either in singing lessons, church choir, school choirs, or in musicals. I was constantly surrounded by music, my mom always had music playing around the house and in the car. Music is my passion in life, and I love singing and performing for people. I also love writing music, as well as collaborating with other people to make music. Performing and writing music gives me an outlet to express myself in a way that I couldn’t with a non-artistic career. I’m grateful that I get to say that I love my job and that I’m passionate about the work I do. My parents really supported me in my love for performing, and having that strong foundation, I felt unstoppable. I never questioned if I was going to “make it” or “get by,” because I felt safe knowing that not only am I proud of the performer I am, but I know that I have my family who will always be there to ground me, support me, and help however they can. Read more>>

Julian Guzman | Business Entrepreneur

Being our own boss has always been the goal for me. Starting a business doesn’t automatically mean it will become your income but, that’s the goal. I wanted to be able to have the ability to become my own boss without having to ask permission for things. I believe some are called to work and build other businesses up and others are called to create new ones. Read more>>

Carolin Morgan | Freelance Photographer

When I was little, I changed my mind a hundred times about what profession I would like to do but I have always been drawn to arts; and I could not have chosen better. I love the big impact that art can have on society. Art makes our life much more colorful – from the paintings on the walls to the music what we listen to. We also learn a lot about history through art. I think it is beautiful that we are surrounded by art in our everyday life and it is integral part of culture. Read more>>

Helena Soubeyrand | Artist and Actress

Like a lot of artists my thoughts and sensitivity can literally eat my brain. Be alive with all the things we kept inside and all the informations we can have of how difficult the world can be participate a lot of creating a lot of anxiety. The only way (so far) I found to focus my thoughts and my emotions is Art. It heals me in a way. So I needed to spend my days doing it. So it has become a profession, because I spend my days on doing that, naturally. Read more>>

Jesse Fritsch | Co-Founder of The Anton Eye

Staying focused on just one thing as always been hard for me. I didn’t like being told what to do or when to do it. That said, at a very young age I was drawn to skateboarding and playing music. They offered complete freedom to learn and evolve constantly…I could never run out of tricks to learn or songs to play. I’ve tried to apply that mindset to everything I do. How can I grow, how can we as a company be more creative, how can we tell better stories etc…This keeps things fun and exciting. Read more>>