Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Nicole Brors | Health Coach For Women Over 30

When it comes to what is most important in life, the people around you, the experiences you have and how you feel are definitely at the top and how you feel depends so much on your health. In my business, I help women go from having imbalanced hormones, feeling tired and being frustrated with their metabolism to feeling confident in their body again and recharged for all of life’s adventures. My biggest focus is always education as the knowledge about how our bodies work and how food really affects them is not taught anywhere in school, even though it’s crucial. Read more>>

Diana Min | Empowerment Coach & Spiritual Mentor

I help people overcome their blockages to step into their power and create a more abundant and fulfilling life. Through supporting people on their healing and expansion journey, I help the rising of the collective energy of the world. Read more>>

Greg Murphy | Working DJ & Educator

In everything I do I believe that my students can reach a new level of self-confidence, inspiration and peace through music. I can do this by showing them how to blend music together using professional techniques and guiding them beyond the “hard skills” to the “soft skills” of reading a crowd and creating a specific vibe for various experiences. This is possible through learning the art and craft of DJing. I cannot speak to how I have specifically helped the community directly, besides DJing for various charity events throughout the years and holding camps for our youth to learn new fun skills, but I can speak to how my students have improved themselves and how DJs indirectly impact the community. DJ lessons have provided all of my students a new creative outlet for them to express themselves and to improve upon. Read more>>

Steve Mara | Owner of Ho Stevie! Surf Shop

Our goal is to give our customers as much fun as possible. We are constantly putting out surfing videos on our social media channels, instead of just posting “ads” for people to buy stuff. If there was a really big swell, people love to watch the highlights (and wipeouts), on our Instagram or Youtube channel. And when our fans are ready to buy, we provide the highest quality, at a lower price than our competitors. And spending less money usually equals more fun 😉. Read more>>

Brian Hoffman | Inventor and Entrepreneur

In doing so, we will drastically reduce the carbon emissions of our customers. We will help communities pivot away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources. We will help families get around safely and easily without excessive carbon emissions. We will help companies improve efficiency and their bottom lines while reducing their carbon output. We will help the world by giving people the tools they need to live more sustainably, while maintaining their quality of life. Read more>>

Brise Birdsong | Painter/Muralist

I decided to donate 10% of my earnings from each painting to animal shelters as soon as I started Derpy Pet Portraits officially. I knew I wanted to give back somehow and make sure that my art was doing so much more than just hanging on a wall. I like to alternate shelters every 6 months or so in order to allow others a chance at receiving donations. I also add the chosen shelter’s information to my website for my clients to learn more about who they are helping out through their purchase. I welcome my clients to recommend shelters for future features or to request their order’s proceeds to go directly towards a specific shelter that they want to support. Some of my donation recipients have included: the Rescued Dog, Second Chance Dog Rescue, Helen Woodward Animal Center, Kira Rescue, Baja Dog Rescue, and most recently; One Dane at a Time. Read more>>

Alyssa Salter | Artistic Director

New a match Collective has one main goal: hear the unheard, voice the voiceless, and see the unseen. This includes the people that we hire to work on our stage and behind the scenes, but also in how we work in the community. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been donating our time to online performances where the funds go to a local organization. We look for organizations that help marginalized people, like unhoused persons or survivors of abuse. Outside of our response to Covid, we have focused on telling stories that often go unheard. We enjoy pairing classical or traditional texts with non-traditional interpretations. Our current focus has been on William Shakespeare. Why focus on the bard? Shakespeare is free, which allows us to cut down on costs. It is well known and a recognizable name, which helps reach our audience. Read more>>