As a society we can advocate for increased spending on schools and a host of other social programs, but an overwhelming amount of research and experience indicates that parenting is the most important variable determining how someone’s life turns out. So, while it’s important to strengthen our schools and other institutions, it’s also important to explore and share ideas around effective and positive parenting. Below, you’ll find some incredibly committed parents sharing what they feel has been the most important thing they’ve done as a parent.

Michel J. Sisneros | Badass Lady Gang SD leader & project administrator

My children’s life has had many changes, they went from having a father/mom household to single mom scenario at a young age and afterwards to having a stepdad. I only wish they learned that we grow stronger with hardship, that things never stay the same and we can move on. Read more>>

Luna Zermeno | Entrepreneur

I think one of the most important things I have done is making self-love a priority, and this can be related not just in the fact that I carve the time to move my body and creative energy, but also for me self-love means creating the time to work hard and hustle to make my dreams and goals come true and this impacts my business directly. If you ask my daughter she will answer that mommy “sells pants and chooses fabrics” that is the way she explains it, and she is right. Read more>>

Misty Kearl | Model

I think promoting the freedom to choose & independence has helped my children gain confidence in who they are as a person to achieve great things and help others along the way. Read more>>

Mimi Rosado | Transformation Coach

I have two adult children (24 and 20) and was a single parent for most of their formative years. As a parent, I would say the most important thing I’ve done is teach my children HOW to make decisions and then letting them practice. My children are not me and they are going to face different situations than I did and make different decisions than I would make. My kids come to me for advice … a lot. I think it’s important as a parent to allow children practice a decision-making process. Read more>>

Lisa Shields | Peak Performance Coach and Director of People. & Culture at Organifi

I have two girls, ages 5 & 7. The most impactful thing I have attempted to do as a parent is instill in them the belief that they are loved, worthy and deserving regardless of external circumstances. I want them to know and understand with every fiber of their being that they don’t need awards, accolades, medals or good grades to validate their self-worth and feel deserving of love. We practice affirmations daily and I am constantly reminding them how much I love them just because…. They have nothing to prove, no expectations to meet, they are loved no matter what. Read more>>