We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Jenna Johnson | Art Director & Studio Owner

The most important factor behind the success of my business has been the ability to pivot and learn from amazing coaches and mentors. I have made a lot of shifts in my career from being an in-house designer for a chocolatier company to freelancing to going back into the work force as a senior designer and art director for a couple of design agencies then pivoting back into running my own design studio. I have taken a lot from each experience and learned invaluable lessons from the people I have had the privilege of working with and admire in the industry. Each position has pushed me forward and made me a better designer, business woman and person. I have never been afraid of taking opportunities that come to me, even if it means I need to make a drastic career pivot, and I think that has been THE factor in my success. Read more>>

Gina Hatzis | Global Speaker, Confidence Crusader, Visionary of The Too Much Woman Movement

I have been in the speaking industry for over 25 years in the both the corporate and public sphere. I have enjoyed great success, opportunity and toured the world as a speaker. The game changer that sky rocketed my career, however, was becoming Less interested in trends, mentorship, focusing my messaging on my audience and fitting into niches, and choosing instead to Be 100% focused on speaking about and from MY unique experience/perspective/journey. Embracing my “too muchness” allowed me to speak and share most passionately and effortlessly on what is true for me and MAGNETIZE my perfect audience. The first speech I wrote for MYSELF (not for the audience) resulted in a viral video that reached 50 million (also birthed a book, a movement and world tour) This was a game changer. Read more>>

Darren BRADLEY | Architectural Photographer

This is such a cliché, I realize, but loving what I do is the most important factor for success. The fact is, I’d be photographing architecture whether someone paid me to do it or not. And I did just that for many years before taking on my first paid commission. I’m just fortunate that people are willing to pay me for doing what I love. Many architectural photographers are really photographers first, who happened to end up photographing buildings due to circumstance. If it wasn’t buildings, they would be doing wedding portraits or reportage or some other sort of photography. They are very good, technically. Probably far better photography skills than I have, to be honest. But what many lack in that case is a real love of architecture, or a point of view. I think you can tell when an architectural photographer truly loves architecture. That love of buildings shows through their work. In the case of these photographers – and certainly for me – we are really just architecture lovers who happen to also be photographers. If I wasn’t photographing buildings, I’d be doing something else related to architecture – not photography. Read more>>

Stephanie Nivinskus | CEO, Senior Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

Tenacity. Not quitting when things get get tough. In April I lost 60% of my income because people were scared of the unknowns of the pandemic and they froze their spending. A lot of people said they slowed down during the first part of the pandemic. I did the exact opposite. I hustled hard. I developed new revenue streams and refused to quit. 2020 ended up being our biggest year ever. Read more>>

Melissa McClure | Instagram Expert

Kindness! Truly wanting to help every entrepreneur to grow and succeed. When you lead with love, it’s hard to go wrong! I have also grown and nurtured a community of amazing creatives which I feel has been part of my success. I was burnt out of my last business because I was stubborn about outsourcing the work I despised and have definitely learned my lesson this time around. Read more>>

Vanessa Zamora | Singer-Songwritter & Producer

Passion. Read more>>

Timothy Joseph | Artist, Owner, Producer – Studio 350 / Phaser Control Recording Studio

I believe there’s no other factor that is more important with any brand or service. In business, if you don’t deliver as advertised or as promised, word gets around pretty quickly. I witnessed this ethos in action for years before I opened the studio. My mentor and business partner, Jim Austin who is an inspirational figure not only to me, but countless others, operates his businesses, his relationships and basically his entire life upon his unwavering principals of integrity. His philosophy is that any job you do, you should do it to the absolute best of your ability and always take pride in what you put forth. Your work is a public reflection of yourself, so don’t ever compromise quality for profit or time. Your word should be your bond so if you take the time to do every job right, and treat people as individuals, honestly and respectfully, success will come. Piling up customers and constantly trying to maximize output tends to leave holes in the quality and inevitably, the legacy of your work. Paying attention to each client individually to be sure they’re satisfied always works in favor of growing your business. Read more>>

Kristin Welch | Jewelry Designer and Hopeful Encourager

Success can be defined by a multitude of things. How much money you make. How many likes or followers you have. How well known you are in the world of artistry or social media. Success for me was dependant on one thing, who could I reach. It didn’t matter how many, it mattered who. My goal from day one, was to reach just one person. If I could make a difference for just one…the person who needed to hear my story, or have their story heard. The person who needed to be reminded of what was true about them in their lives. The person who needed encouragement,  or realness,  raw stories and genuine relatability, an understanding in a world that doesn’t offer much grace. Sure, the bank figures always help, and the more likes you get, the more you can assume you are headed in the right direction. But for me, hearing the stories behind the pieces,  the testimonies of the givers and the receivers, sharing their hearts for why the piece meant so much, giving me the freedom to create something from my heart as a representation of theirs. Read more>>

Andrew Arrabito | Creator, Hunter, Blade Smith and War Fighter

I believe there are multiple factors that all come together culminating for having the best or making the best etc. One of the biggest factors is the fact that I am an end user of knives. From growing up in the woods with older brothers using knives daily. To helping my dad cook. To skinning animals and using hatchets to make kindly and cut wood. Then after this my entire adult life in the Navy SEAL teams, using knives tactfully. Well I know what works, I know the size of a blade and the thickness and type of steel that will work the best for that job. Also being huge into cooking and having close chef friends and driven that side of the business. Definitely being an end user in all these aspects has given me the best knowledge to make purpose driven tools. I believe also with people having different walks in life but using this type of tool in so many aspects of life being able to customize their tools and tailor them for their mission is ideal. Read more>>

Dylan Mulvaney | Content Creator and Actor

I think the biggest factor behind my success is being 100% authentic. As a content creator on social media, I want to make sure that I am being as true to myself as possible. It can be scary to put yourself out there, especially on the internet, but I took the risk and people have enjoyed my authentic self and chosen to follow along! I think if you find what your niche is, and stick with it, people will come. I had to try a lot of different things before I found the parts of myself that people enjoyed the most, and have built on those things to produce more content. We live in a time where it is fairly easy to create and broadcast yourself, so don’t be afraid to get messy and just do it. Read more>>