Getting to do what you love?  Providing for your loved ones?  What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Jessica Walmsley | Founder & CEO

Product transparency is of the utmost importance to us and there’s no doubt in my mind that PBO’s success stems from our mission and promise to our customers to provide the highest quality sunscreen with the least environmental impact. If it doesn’t come from the earth we don’t utilize it in our sunscreen products and our customers have come to trust the brand to provide a safe and effective product that doesn’t pose health risks to humans, marine life, or the environment. Read more>>

Lynne Officer | Yoga Teacher & Owner

The success of our brand comes from the people who make up the Hoppy Yoga community. Our community varies from people who have never stepped on a yoga mat before to those who live on it. Whether they know how to headstand or not, most people in our community have a love for craft beer and for connecting over a cold one. Read more>>

Mia Tidwell | San Diego Realtor

The most important factor behind the success of my brand has been understanding who I am as a person, what my strengths and weaknesses are and being able to showcase 100% of that authenticity in my brand. For instance, I really love working with clients, bonding with them, and becoming friends, and I grow my business by treating my clients as lifelong friends. I also make sure to maintain constant communication with my clients throughout the entire process and beyond. This builds trust.  As my business grows and develops, I constantly uncover more of what I love and less of what I don’t, which helps me shape my brand along the way.  Because your brand can change over time, authenticity plays a big key factor in maintaining brand awareness.  This will help people connect and, most importantly, stay connected to you on your journey. Read more>>

Alexandra Azat & Brittany Parnell | Co-Owners

Our team. There is no way to create so much beauty without an absolutely epic team involved in your business. Read more>>

Kyle Corbett | Visionary Media Personality

My immediate thought is to lead to manifesting mentors. When you keep your eyes and ears open you have a really good chance of getting what you want. Looking for an opportunity in their area where you don’t expect it and remembering to listen to other people and take all of their words as little pebbles of wisdom. whether or not you agree with them, this is one of the most important things in life. When you meet other people in your life it is important not to judge them and discredit anything they say before they say it. We as human beings all too often have a tendency to do this. Perfect example – while looking for an editor for steel hull I had a client come out on one of our sailing yachts on a private charter who has come out with us many times before actually reached out during COVID saying, “Hey I know you guys are closed right now and I want to support you by buying a ticket as soon as you guys come back.” Read more>>

Alyce Lopez | Owner & Lead Designer

I am a strong believer that if you want something in life you have to go after it. I was raised in a somewhat dysfunctional family (to put things lightly). I learned the hard way that if I wanted to achieve something it was going to take hard work and sacrifice. Although I can be introverted, I have learned that taking risks is the only way to achieve success. I started The True House independently with two small children at home. It was not easy. And there was no road map. But I had a desire to start a business that I was passionate about and would allow me the flexibility to embrace motherhood and marriage. I think you never know until you try, so you may as well give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen? At least that’s what I tell myself! Read more>>

Ruby Le | Dating Coach

I made sure I knew everything about my audience I wanted to help. The big part of business is solving a problem of a particular group/audience. I feel many focus on how they’ll solve the problem, but not as much on the ins and outs of the exact person they’re trying to help. And I mean, EVERYTHING about that group – not just demographics you can select on an ad, but imagining living their lives and how they feel. My success has largely to do with genuinely passionately wanting to help my niche/audience out of this problem. But, in order to do so, I had to really know them. I spent my first months doing market research, putting out posts in forums to get people to talk to me, talked to them in depth, and making sure I knew everything — what drives them, why do they want this problem solved, what pains do they have, what they enjoy on their free time, what they value in their personal lives, what they worry about, how much work they want to put in, everything! Read more>>

Maggie Kelly | Life, Business and Spiritual Coach & Meditation Instructor

The most important factor behind my success is that I absolutely LOVE what I do. Finally, after years of working in corporate America for one of the largest multimedia companies in the world, I discovered my true gifts and they sure didn’t include Maggie in high heels and a suit! Now I am able to marry my interest in serving the community along with my previous writing and marketing experience and truly make a difference with what I do. To be successful in any business, it probably goes without saying but you have to have a passion and commitment to the work you are doing. Listen to your intuition, take time to get still and ask the question “How am I best suited to use my gifts and talents to serve humanity.” True and meaningful success comes from living a life of meaning and purpose and understanding that it’s really not about a paycheck. Read more>>