We had the good fortune of connecting with Kyle Corbett and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Kyle, what is the most important factor behind your success?
My immediate thought is to lead to manifesting mentors. When you keep your eyes and ears open you have a really good chance of getting what you want. Looking for an opportunity in their area where you don’t expect it and remembering to listen to other people and take all of their words as little pebbles of wisdom. whether or not you agree with them, this is one of the most important things in life. When you meet other people in your life it is important not to judge them and discredit anything they say before they say it. We as human beings all too often have a tendency to do this. Perfect example – while looking for an editor for steel hull I had a client come out on one of our sailing yachts on a private charter who has come out with us many times before actually reached out during COVID saying, “Hey I know you guys are closed right now and I want to support you by buying a ticket as soon as you guys come back.” She bought a ticket one day and she bought a private charter another day. She and I fell into some amazing conversation. Turns out she’s a professional author and a well-credited one. She asked me about my book and that led to landing a private consultation with one of the highest-end editors in California. That editor taught me about beta readers and what I need to do to take my book to the next level. All this came from keeping my eyes and ears open and chatting with one of my guests and listening to what she had to say. I never would’ve known that she was an author. She’s very very humble and doesn’t tell you who she is right at the get-go. She was willing to listen to me long enough to find out I have been working on Steel Hull and writing this novel ever since going into escrow on a 70-foot ship knowing that it could bankrupt me but it would darn well be a good story if it did. Two and a half years of hard work and dedicated writing didn’t put me in the place I needed to. Listening to another person, finding out more information about their life and what they have to say about the world led me into the opportunity that I have in front of me. One of the most influential factors for me is pebbles of wisdom. My often-used example is going to lunch. You go to lunch and you sit on a bench to take a bus to lunch. The person sitting across from you is a competitive social comparison, somebody around your same life status, makes the same amount of money as you annually and you spend 5 minutes talking to this person. You remember some of what they say but maybe not all. Maybe you listen to half of what they are saying but in your mind, you’re still thinking about other things. Then you go to lunch. After your lunch there’s a homeless person who asks you for your leftovers. Or maybe asks you for some money. Knowing that you have a few more minutes to wait for your bus to come, you talk to him for 5 minutes. Remembering not to discredit what they have to say based on your own social perception of their current situation is very important because this person has in fact spent years on this earth and does in fact have pebbles that they consider important and that they would like to share with others. So you pick up those little pebbles and you put them in your back pocket. Then later that afternoon you take a bus to a planned meeting with someone that you intend to receive advice from. Maybe this is a planned mentor, maybe this is someone in your field of study who makes more money than you or maybe just someone whose words you have read or a professor you are planning to learn from – an upward social comparison. The question is: at the end of the day, whose pebbles did you keep in your back pocket? If you were wise enough to keep pebbles from all three of those interactions then you will have the widest array of abilities to deal with every next situation coming to you. When confronted with a situation the next day, you’ll need to reach into your back pocket and pull out pebbles of wisdom. The more pebbles are back there and the more pebbles you are open to having the more likely you are to increase your chance for success.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I love to connect with people and to be out there doing something that provides a benefit for the others in our community and in our environment. The biggest way is through giving families an opportunity to get out there on the water with their friends and loved ones and enjoy nature in a whole new way while sailing on the ocean. We have taken that another step to create the IMpulse UPgrade podcast and our online promotional channels that essentially bring people together while giving them inspiration and motivation to do better things in their own lives. People volunteer with our program at SeasLyfe through which we perform ocean conservation and have made well over 6 million impressions in our first year alone while promoting what humans can do to better take care of our environment. This work is full sponsored by San Diego Sailing Tours I decided to start my first company on the way to a surf break with my buddy Joel. we were on a 26’ sailboat and the engine was turned off, sailing blissfully across the water with nothing but the wind. The tranquil sound of the water slapping against the hull gave me a true peacefulness. I remember thinking to myself, “Why doesn’t everyone do this? Why isn’t this a regular thing that many other people have done?” I really did not know anyone who had gone sailing and I had never been offered the opportunity to pay to enjoy this majestic feeling. I was in my early twenties in college at that time and I thought, “There’s gotta be a way that we can share this with others.” Then I took some risks. I would never have gotten the company where it is without taking those risks. It was a risk to buy a 70-foot humongous ship. Did the plan work out as expected? No. Instead, it worked out to be an amazing story that is turning into a novel. Now, writing that novel, taking time away from the company to create an influencer’s channel, spending time and money to create a podcast when there are already hundreds of thousands out there – these are all risks too. I take these risks specifically because I care about motivating and influencing people – that is what sets me apart. That initial risk brought me to meet amazing people who have given me so much knowledge about the world. I could have never had the opportunity without taking that first risk. Buying a 70-foot yacht, for example, ended up becoming a major financial hurdle and a burden to bear. However, it also led to creating the IMpulse UPgrade podcast and creating 6 million impressions about what is going on with the ocean. That risk almost financially ruined me and the company was almost sent into bankruptcy. It also led to a large amount of media presence including news stories, and articles written about myself and our organization. These were all risks. You could call it jumping in with both feet. Deciding to write a novel, deciding to create a podcast, building and expanding a small business, risk after risk, stepping up onto the stage to give a comedy routine while knowing that people may or may not laugh at my jokes. Being able to take that risk and being able to step onto the stage and speak to the crowd while the blinding lights are in your face does something better for us on the inside. It lets us know that we were willing to take that risk and that we have got the fortitude to take the next risk.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
My favorite spot is anywhere on the water. Whether it is sailing, swimming, or surfing – the view from the water l0oking back to the land and knowing we are in and a part of nature is second to none.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Absolutely! As I mentioned, I learn from every single person I speak to, but there are a few key people that have helped me along the way. Chris Boone with Speedboat Adventures has been a great friend and taught me so many things about running a business. Not to mention being there for late night phone calls venting about our shared frustrations as business owners. Another is Dennis Regan who is a longtime friend of mine and has shared so much of his knowledge as a comedian with me.

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