Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business.  So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Tammy Rydahl | Professional Organizer

My thought process behind starting my own business was one of complete faith! This endeavor has been a complete leap of faith for me. After having been involved in a family business for many years, I had always thought there was no way I ever wantedto run my own business. Then, my company, simple happened! I have always had a knack for organizing and design. I have worked full time for a local design firm for over 10 years. Organizing was born out of need by clients we had at the firm. Read more>>

Danielle & Jared Zacharias | Cinematographer

We have never been big risk takers in life and both came from jobs in education. But we also loved making videos and telling stories. One thing that we both really wanted was to not only have kids but have a work schedule that would allow us to be home with them as much as possible. So those things together lead us to explore the idea and then go with it! Read more>>

Liz Shaw | Nutrition Expert and Author, MS RDN CPT

As an entrepreneur in the nutrition communications space, my vision behind starting my own business was to help make nutrition science simple for the lay public to understand. Having sat through 6 years of schooling with biochem and organic chem classes, I want to make sure people are getting accurate, science based information on how nutrition affects the body. Given how much misinformation is presented in the media or from the latest celebrity endorsement, I knew I had the education to help make a positive change on how people view health! Read more>>

Ava Johanna | Spiritual Business Coach

After working at the San Diego Reader for 2 1/2 years as the digital marketing manager, I had spent countless hours running social media campaigns for companies around San Diego, including car audio shops, dentists and lawyers. I’m sure it comes at no surprise, but the work was mind-numbing because I had no interest in any of those topics, but I was good at it! At the same time, I started learning more about yoga, meditation, and wellness and found that so many teachers, coaches, and healers had big hearts but no business expertise at all. Read more>>

Tayler Suterko | Wedding Photographer

After I got my bachelors degree it never occurred to me that I could work for myself. I worked for years in a corporate environment and had to follow the rules in terms of when and how I worked. I never felt passionate about my job and I admittedly put in the least amount of effort needed because I was bored. I never imagined that I could completely control how much I made and how I earned my living. I decided to quit my job unexpectedly during a trip to Europe with my family and spent the week reflecting on what I would do next. Read more>>

Suni Gargaro | Yoga Apparel Brand Founder (Sunia Yoga)

I originally gave up my stable, corporate career to launch my own business because my ultimate goal was freedom. That included time freedom in the sense of doing something I loved and doing it on my own terms, along with money freedom, and ideally a little bit of tax freedom (or reduced tax liability at least.) With Sunia Yoga, the concept developed out of an intersection of my passions in life. Those passions are yoga, fashion, and helping others (especially Moms and Kids, which lead to the Mommy and Me Yoga concept that is central to my brand.) Read more>>

Apryl Martinez | Herbal Alchemist & Plant Lover

The story of starting Plum Brilliance began as a child and evolved into what is has become today through a lifetime of experience. I found a way to connect with the natural world through daily ritual and self-care. Plum Brilliance was started with the desire to share that connection. Plum Brilliance is the story of a small girl. A feral child allowed to explore the idyllic rural setting of southern California. She was encouraged to climb through sage covered coyote trails. She became the queen of granite tables that filled with fairy pools in spring. Read more>>