Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Miriam Morales | Photographer & Picnic Planner

I was looking for a creative way to offer unique services, and elevate proposals. The last few years I was photographing proposals and I spent a lot of time in pinterest, and wanted to stylize and help couples propose in unique ways, and with a set up in San Diego. I looked for opportunities or if a company existed doing this, and after a couple of stylized proposals, last year I decided to immerse myself in starting a full service company, and not only that offer unique date nights for couples. At the beginning of the quarantine, when I had a lot of time, and being laid off due to the pandemic, I started planning for three months, photographing, and starting my social media pages. Read more>>

Reine Krief

My thought process behind starting my own business was actually triggered by a life threatening incident that happened to my husband a few years ago. Thankfully he survived, but It was the one thing that made me realize I needed to be able to stand on my own two feet, to establish something I could depend on and had some control of. Read More>>

Dina Goldstein | Visual Artist

I was an editorial photographer for over 20 years when I decided to give up all of my commercial work and focus on my art practice. At that time digital photography was becoming more accessible and affordable. Art directors and content providers began to photograph their own images on digital cameras. The skills of professional photographers were devalued as the quality of images decreased. I wanted to make work that was unique to me and not easily reproducible. Read more>>

Katarina Kostic | Climate change and sustainability consultant

I wanted to do good, to help other people and other species. That’s why FROOF is a climate company and offers climate solutions based on care. Because it’s missing, especially in business environments. The situation worldwide is dire, all lives are precious, to keep doing business as usual. Read more>>

Laura Beulke | Business Owner / Graphic Artist / Mother / Ally

I always had the determination to work for myself, being an entrepreneur was my end game. So after climbing my way up in the working world I knew it was time to take the leap. Read more>>

Sabrina Charles | Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

As a youth, my siblings and I would come up with business ventures around our community. Whether it was having a lemonade stand on our block in the summer, or plowing parking lots filled with snow in the winter, I always liked working and directly seeing the fruit. I liked the planning and process behind these small business ventures and I enjoyed making people happy. Moving forward as a young adult, I began to discover my passions. To put it simply, they were writing, singing, and photography. I uncovered my passion for photography in December of the year 2016, while I was attending the United States Military Academy. Read more>>

Justine Waddell | College Student

I really didn’t set out with the intention to start a wreath making business. I started out wanting to redecorate my room but could not find anything that interest me. I have always been a creative person and decided to make my own unique pieces. Once I started showing my friends and family members, they began requesting items. It has really pushed me to get my creative juices flowing. That’s when I realized that I could make a business out of this. Read more>>

Crystal Sanford | Speech Pathologist & Special Education Advocate

I found myself in an area of need. I had recently become a special needs parent and started to realize that there was a lack of resources and supports targeted at parents. Mostly everything I found was targeted to children. After thoughtful consideration, I decided to blend my experiences and expertise and start a consulting company that would focus on empowerment for special needs parents. I had a lot of professional experience and always knew that one day I would start a small private practice or company of some kind. In 2016, I realized that it was the best time to do that. I wanted to develop something meaningful for families that would allow me to have more flexibility in my schedule. I also wanted a company that my kids could be proud of and hopefully that could participate in as well. Read more>>