We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Brad Wise | Chef Owner

Restaurants are risky endeavors in the best of times, so the nature of our business involves a certain amount of risk to just make it through the day. I like to think of risk as a challenge, to some extent. Risk keeps you humble, focused, accountable. For me and my business, risk has played a pivotal role in keeping me on track, moving me forward toward achieving our company goals. But alongside these risks come the possibility of great reward, and the idea of that reward, a successful restaurant collective, one that is able to provide jobs to our employees, a place to gather for our community – that’s what motivates me and moves me forward. Read more>>

Sumer Hunt | Gut Health Practitioner, FDN-P, FNTP

Facing fears and taking risks is definitely something we all need to face for success in following our passions whether it be in our career or life in general! This was HUGE for me. I had a very comfortable full time job for over a decade that didn’t fuel any passion inside me, but it was decent, consistent pay, with benefits and room for growth. But since it didn’t stir passion inside of me it ended up causing stress, burn out, fatigue, anxiety and depression. For so long I felt like I was stuck there and actually even felt guilty for letting the burn out get to me because I knew I was lucky to have that job and it wasn’t a “terrible” job. I had a huge fear of taking risks, the big one being leaving my job with consistent pay and benefits even though I was unhappy. But one day I finally decided I wasn’t going to keep complaining about something I wasn’t willing to do anything to change. What felt right to me was to take baby steps of risks. I realized the time was going to by anyway so might as well start with investing in educating myself in the field of nutrition and holistic health which I had a very strong interest in because I needed to help myself in that area AND give myself a chance at another career path. Read more>>

Melissa Aguirre | Videographer/Photograph

I LOVEEEE taking risks! I love the feeling i get when i know im doing something risky, because even if i do fail, i know that i will learn something from it. Taking risks is the only reason why i am where i am in my career as a videographer. I started making videos from my phone when i was around 15 years old. I would film random stuff and edit together random clips. Then i stopped for a few years, graduated high school, went to college and somehow started making videos again. Just for fun. Until one day, in college, i somehow nailed an internship with a filmmaker named Charlie Minn. I was a Math major… doing a filmmaker internship. Read more>>

Nikki Ostrem | CEO coach for startups and entrepreneurs

As a three time entrepreneur, taking risks has just part of my “daily dos” for years. I’ve taken risks on ideas, partners, investments and on more than one occasion there was no reward for the risk that I took. Quite honestly, I‘ve been burned, fallen flat on my face and learned some expensive lessons. All that said, the only times I have regretted taking a risk, is when I didn’t trust my gut and didn’t fight for what I believed to be the right path. Read more>>