Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Deborah Kuri | Reiki Master – Reikilibrium

The most important factor behind my brand Reikilibrium is being able to provide a path and or guidance to healing; to help others connect with the understanding that we are all here to learn and to evolve at different paces and in different processes knowing that there is not only one right way, that there are a variety of healing tools out there that can and will benefit your mind, body and soul. My main goal is to guide each patient to discover which tools adjust to their own perfect process, understanding that they have the right to live a good life and that each individual deserves a healing experience. Read more>>

Kevin DelMastro | Saxophonist & Entertainer

I feel that my success is from providing people with a feeling, a unique memory, and soliciting emotional connections to the experience of having me serenade them with live sax music. That really hits people and the impact is long-lasting. Helping people make memories is really what I’m proud of. Read more>>

Jenn Lappe | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I would say that it’s my focus on giving a great customer experience. I strive for having an amazing customer experience from first contact through gallery delivery. After booking I send my clients a portrait guide for styling tips to look great on camera, to lots of communication on best times to shoot for best lighting, and location selection ideas before the shoot. At the shoot, my fun and laid back personality gets my clients to loosen up and have fun in front of the camera, and I’ve taken a lot of education in posing to flatter everyone to get those perfect candid looking photos (that aren’t actually all that candid usually!). Then my favorite customer experience technique is to always under promise and over deliver! I try to get a sneak peek photo or photos out the next day, and deliver the usually very large gallery as fast as I can. I think “WOW”ing my clients at every step of the process has really led to my success via repeat customers, and word of mouth referrals. Read more>>

Nikki Kae | Co-Founder | Brand Marketing Director

The most important factor behind our success is a consistent brand experience. We have a clear and simple brand philosophy that can be applied in the day-to-day operative business and at all of brand touch points Our entire operation is streamlined to cater to our client’s modern lifestyle. We remain engaged while delivering our customized treatment and solution to our clients. We are highly focused on customer experience. We ensure our clients know that their business is always valued and the experience with us is always consistent, convenient and comfortable. Read more>>

Laura Green | Photographer & Creative Director

I genuinely feel that all of my success has come from creating genuine content & sharing stories I care about. When I shoot any type of photo, the goal is always to communicate with the viewer. What is this person about? What does this business represent? What lifestyle am I creating? Without that core, I don’t think images say much which is why people don’t resonate with them. I think of photography as visual storytelling which makes it a challenge. I know that when I shoot for myself, I am telling a story that I personally want to tell. But the best part of my work is after it’s been posted. At that point, the people get to decide what they love. They get to interpret my storytelling however they want. They get to see a whole different meaning to anything I post. It gives me new perspectives and ultimately fuels me to create more unique things in the future. Read more>>

Meaghan Lawler | Designer & Home Blogger

One of the primary ideals of my brand is to inspire and teach others – whether that is demonstrating the steps of a home renovation DIY project or explaining a new recipe. I think teaching others is vital to the success of my brand because people love to learn new things, and that is what keeps people coming back. Inspiring and teaching my following provides collaboration and participation in my brand – it creates a sense of community and a way for others to engage with me and relate their own life to mine. Individuals can gain tips, knowledge, and ideas from my brand and I think that is vital to its success. Read more>>

Stacey Anderson | Mindful Marketing Expert | The Sundream Collective

For me the most important factor behind the success of my brand is that it and I leave people feeling inspired and re-invigorated about their small business and ways to move forward in an uncertain time. This last year has been so tough on so many small business owners and entrepreneurs that oftentimes, they are too exhausted to even think about ways to re-engage with their customers. Really taking the time to get to know my clients and their struggles helps me to be able to lift them up and reimagine new ways for their business to grow. It takes creativity and it takes a ton of heart to keep a positive outlook but if they leave our discussion and feel a bit lighter about things I feel like I have done my job. Read more>>

Kai Oliver-Kurtin | Freelance Journalist & Communications Professional

Networking, hard work, and saying yes to every opportunity! At times, I’ve attended upwards of four or five industry events per week. You never know where or when you’re going to meet a key connection or establish a professional relationship with someone who is critical to a new opportunity. When new opportunities are presented to me, I always say yes when it comes to learning more. I’ve also never shied away from hard work, even if it means late nights, early mornings, or working on weekends. Read more>>

Sarah Steelo | Creative Director and Stylist

Understanding that success is measured by how fulfilled I am. Am I reaching personal goals? Am I staying happy? Always measure success on a personal level. Accomplishments look different to everyone and it’s important to celebrate and be proud of what you find successful versus what anyone else says. Read more>>

Jewells Dyer | Owner

Girls only! We are a female owned and female Operated coffee shop. Kini Koffee is a place where women can work, make a good living, and feel uplifted by their team, and community. Read more>>

Niesha Calhoun | Local San Diego Blogger & Photographer

One of the biggest factors I have found that has helped me be successful is being authentic. I have a genuine interest of getting to know the people that I am surrounded by. I think of strangers as friend’s I haven’t yet met. I love having the opportunity to encourage other women and I feel that’s what sets me aside from other personal brands because I genuinely want to be part of other women’s success. Read more>>

Cesar Vallin | Managing Partner at Cloak and Petal

It’s touch to only speak on one. However I can share a few that have been key factors in my success. Getting clear with what it is I desire, then developing a road map that allows me to work towards my goals and lifestyle. Next I would say creating consistency in healthy routines and daily practices that give me balance and support me when I am not at my best. Its easy to do things when we are motivated. Everyone can do that. They key is doing it when your heart hearted, in your shit or challenged by life’s obstacles. Next is asking for honest feedback from those I work without defending. Lastly I would say I keep going. No matter how much it hurts, or how far the finish line may be I just keep going. I am absolutely relentless. Read more>>