There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Erin Klyczek | Business Owner & Entrepreneur

That’s an easy one; my staff. They are the heart and soul of G3Kids. This industry in unique in the fact that our relationships with our parents and families is paramount to our success. Without such valued staff members who create a safe and loving environment for children to come to every day, my business would not be what it is now. They go above and beyond by creating a fun atmosphere that allows children to be able to make personal and social connections with their peers and staff. When I hire someone to become part of our G3 family, I want them to value our mission: Active Bodies Growing Minds. Helping my staff understand the importance of education through movement is what allows us to thrive in our community. Read more>>

Kelly Vincent, Psy.D. | Licensed Psychologist & Certified Yoga Teacher

For me, as a psychologist, it is important to represent myself authentically and ethically. I think one big factor is being true to who I am as a human and to focus on what’s important to me. For example, I am passionate about supporting women’s mental health and decreasing the stigma around therapy. Thus, most of my focus and marketing centers around those topics. I think it’s important to know who your audience is and who you are talking to. This can help you narrow your focus or marketing efforts versus talking to the wider population. I also think staying true to who I am comes out in my brand. Psychologists are not really known for having a “brand,” as this does not often align with our ethics code, but I do believe a psychologist can create a “voice.” Read more>>

Daniel Urbaetis

The very most important factors behind the success of the AWESOME Hot Sauce product line & store are a Flavor-First approach, a Micro-batch production model, Direct Involvement, Passion & Priorities, and that encompasses other attributes and characteristics as well. I set out to make hot sauces that I liked, that I could be excited about. Enthusiasm and confidence are paramount to performance. And I want them to TASTE AWESOME. In my experience, manufacturers are rarely chefs. They’re basically mixers of things. That’s pretty evident when you sample a super hot mainstream sauce and it tastes more like a chemical solvent than it does food. Since Day 1, over 7 years ago, my goal has been to make the highest quality products with the highest quality, freshest ingredients. My work ethic puts the focus on my performance, with only indirect thought to profit. Read more>>

Tyler Martina | Owner

The single most important thing to my success would is doing what is right. This may seem like a very simple answers, but a lot of the time the simplest ideas are the best. To dive a little deeper into my answer, let’s take a look at my tattoo shop, Mr. Inkwells. In less than 2 years we were able to build the highest rated and most reviewed tattoo shop in Southern California. People always ask me, “What is the secret to the shops success?” and I always reply with “Doing the right thing.” The right thing for the staff, the right thing for the clients, and the right thing for the community. This means sometimes you may sacrifice a dollar here and there to do the right thing. And, that’s okay. I just think of it as an additional dollar invested into the mission of Mr. Inkwells. The mission of changing the way the world looks at tattoo shops, and making getting a tattoo easy and accessible to everyone. Read more>>

Celeste Raymond | Owner & Creator

I believe it’s the quality of my product. I want the fresh flavor of my relish to enhance whatever it accompanies. I never want it to be so hot that you can not taste what you are eating. I also think part of my brands success is how much fun I have promoting my products and I wanted that fun to show when I am not there in person through my logo, which was drawn by my sister. Read more>>

Steve Wyland | Owner

I believe my strengths are recognizing a need and creating a plan to solve that need which has led to our success. In this case it’s our mobile axe throwing trailer that we bring right to you. This pivot also has to do with state restrictions due to Covid, but also the ability to host axe throwing at different venues in and around San Diego. Axe throwing can be done inside our warehouse in Mission Valley but also outside in our mobile unit. We have worked weddings, birthdays, company outings and customer appreciation events, chiropractor conferences, golf events, new car release parties, and other private events held at private residences. Battle Axe Mobile has traveled from San Diego to LA and out to Palm Springs for events and we’re just getting started. Read more>>

Dan Yates | Bank CEO

Our Consultative culture/mission to offer clients advice, ideas, suggestions, introductions to key contacts, etc all of which are centered around goals of 1) helping clients scale their business, 2) improve profits, 3) navigate business challenges/pain points In addition, our shareholders are local influential CEO’s and business leaders that create a network that our clients are encouraged to tap into and leverage. Read more>>

Les Kollegian | CEO & Chief Creative Officer

The most important factor has been that our success is the result of perseverance and resilience over failure. We have been in business 20+ years and our work separates us. However, our ability to handle multiple personalities and brands while having the integrity to admit our mistakes, fix them, and help our clients grow has kept us in business and spread the word of our success globally. Read more>>

Robert Leech | Massage Therapist

My success is from designing my own style of massage that fixes 99% of the body issues people have. I call it Customized Deep Muscle Work. Read more>>