We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Lora Meyer | Captain / Owner of Marissa Charters Dive Boat

I think the most crucial factor behind the success of my business is the beagle! Definitely the beagle ;). But besides the presence of the Amazing Captain;) I credit my success to my discipline and dedication to my divers’ experience and well being. Nobody wakes up every single morning wanting to go to work, but in this business, I am tasked with ensuring customers are safe and have a good time – there’s no room for having an off day. Over the years, I have honed my organization, planning, and skills to offer the best and safest customer experience I possibly can. Every aspect of the business is essential to my divers safety and experience. From scheduling to the actual dive, from USCG safety inspections to boat maintenance, each step is planned and executed with the customers in mind. After saying all of that, I could not have made it this far without having such amazing customers. Some of my most favorite trips are when the entire boat is full of returning customers:) it just makes my day to see them come back time after time. I love sharing this part of our lives, and I am happy that I can call so many of my customers, my friends. Read more>>

Israel Isaac | Recording Artist & Musician

The Success that has come out of my brand has all to do with my mindset and approach to friends over fans. When I began Showcasing my work, my friends were the ones to promote, get other people watching, listening and following me. They were and have always been the reasons why my projects have been successful. Read more>>

Rae Irelan | Business Strategist for Successful and Ambitious Entrepreneurs and Creatives & Musician

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my business has been mentorship and coaching. Having someone in my corner that is a few steps ahead has helped me make leaps and bounds that others would say is “impossible”. When my coach has already gone through what I’m dealing with and understands the best ways to navigating through trouble spots, things can become so much easier. I’ve honestly saved years of “trying” things that don’t work, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, and not to mention my wellbeing because I’m not overworking. In addition having a peer group of others who are growing their businesses has helped me uplevel my thinking and decision making. Read more>>

RayaHope | Beauty & Fashion Influencer

Consistency! Showing up everyday! When I first started I didn’t really have any direction in mind that I wanted to take my business besides that i wanted it to succeed and I had no experience or training I just knew I needed to show up everyday and try my best. Watching what those around me did that were successful and tried to implement similar but with my own spin. Even when the days seem long and you don’t see progress or even regress you don’t walk away.. take a breather.. take a day off, you show up and you make that disappointment or frustration push you and make you show up even more. Read more>>

Jessica Bell | Founder & CEO, ReVessel

I attribute three factors to success. First, it is important to define success. reVessel is guided by a set of values and a mission, vision and purpose for our company, rather than a monetary target at the forefront, which is the old way of capitalism and a zero sum game. We are constantly striving for ways to idealize our values in everything we do. We do believe we have achieved some level of success in reaching certain milestones toward the mission, but just as a war can’t be won without succeeding in many battles, we are just in the beginning of what is possible. Second, looking at problems at a systemic level and continuing to search upstream to see stakeholders involved so that we may better address the root of the problems and align across multiple stakeholders to serve our purpose. Last, knowing that this is a journey and not a destination and that the path will not be straight or without adversity has set us up for resilience as we stumble and course correct with as much grace as possible, especially in a year of multiple crises. Read more>>

Allison Maslan | Business Coach Who Has SCALED Over 10 Multi-Million Dollar Companies And Helped 1000’s of Business Owners Successfully Scale Their Own Companies.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that the reason Pinnacle Global Network has been so successful is due to two things: our commitment to our company’s vision, and our desire to use that vision to lift other business owners up. Read more>>

Sweet Myths | Local San Diego Band

Understanding that community is important. People not only invest in bands or artists but also want to talk to other people about the band share and discus and cross pollinating with other artists even outside your medium can also be important it allows people to be introduce to more people and you create bigger communities. Read more>>

Lauren Armstrong | Human Design for Business Expert

The most important factor behind the success of my business and my brand is the energy I bring to it, leveraging the power of my unique energetic blueprint or human design. When I stopped trying to make myself do things like the other successful people in my space and got clear on who I was and the way that I am meant to serve everything shifted. You hear from a lot of people that once they were in ‘alignment’ their business took off, but it seems as though alignment is treated like a buzzword synonymous with elusive enlightenment, rather than a series of action steps designed specifically for each of us. There are over two billion configurations of human design and when you pull your unique chart you can see how you’re designed to interact with the world around you and what steps you can take to get into alignment. Following these steps for my unique design has resulted in so much more ease and success. Read more>>