Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Hg Locks | Artist

I believe that taking risks is essential; playing it safe can only get you so far in life, in my opinion. People are afraid of losing, not understanding that there is a valuable lesson in a loss; I’ve personally had the opportunity to learn how to avoid making the same mistakes twice, sharpening my ability to make wiser decisions. There are numerous scammers in the music industry, including graphic designers, marketers, promoters, big label officials, and the list goes on.. Risk management, which is simply an evaluation of financial risks, is something you will learn through experience with risk taking. Read more>>

Carlos Castillo | Owner of Castle Comfort/Comfort Specialist

I took a risk when I decided to start my own business. It took planning, networking, struggle and a lot of hard work. I wasn’t sure opening my own company would pay off, but I needed to take the risk and try if I wanted to succeed. I didn’t want to wonder, what if? I gained so much knowledge while working in San Diego, California during my earlier years in the trade, but working in the high desert heat of Las Vegas in the years before opening Castle Comfort really catapulted me to take a chance and a “good” risk. Read more>>

Sheree Trask | Ghostwriter, Author Mentor, Speaker

I firmly believe in the saying, “no risk, no reward.” I have spent my entire life running from society’s standards and instead, paving my own way, on my terms. Risk is scary, there’s no doubt about it! But what I find even scarier is the possibility of living a mediocre existence, constantly plagued by the question: what if? In my experience, with every risk comes a reward; sometimes that reward looks like “failure.” But even with failure, we learn and we have the opportunity to grow, right? So is it really failure, or simply a choice point to do something different next time, armed with new knowledge and skills to succeed, and in doing so, rise to our next level of Self? Read more>>

Tony and Leila Savage | Real Estate Broker and Agent

Risk is best taken when well calculated and thought out. We’ve taken risks by investing in real estate outside of California. We ran the numbers, thought of the worst and best case scenarios, and had an exit strategy. Investing in rentals allowed us to have the financial security to then risk starting our own business as a Real Estate Brokerage. Taking one risk can help build the foundation for more risks. We have found that when we risk thoughtfully, the reward is great! If you want to work for yourself, you have to take the leap and be all in. At the end of the day, you are not relying on anyone but yourself. For us that is incredibly motivating, freeing, creative, and challenging! Read more>>

Cano Cardenas | Coffee roaster/ Digital media creator

Risk is the best/scariest thing one can ever really do in life. To succeed, or to get things that you have never had, you have to take a risk. To fail, is to take a risk. “Success lies on the other side of fear” – nipsey hussle. My entire life, day in and day out, I was scared. Scared of what others thought of me, scared if I failed, scared if I did well. I was scared of taking a risk. That changed when I dropped out of Penn State university to pursue my dream of being a pro slateboarder. Read more>>