The first step to starting a business is deciding to start a business.  They say the first step is the hardest and in our experience this is especially true when it comes to starting a business. Getting over the mental roadblocks can be tough, often harder to overcome than the challenges you’ll face once you actually start the business.  Fellow entrepreneurs share their thoughts below.

Marlis Rosetti | Owner & Jewelry designer

I have always had a passion for business ever since I was little, I used to sit outside my house selling Mexican candy. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always loved sales, then my passion grew to a love for jewelry. I took some courses in high school, then again im college and just fell in love with metals and casting. Jewelry trends evolve, and beads became popular so I started making bracelets, then necklaces and would sell them to my co-workers. A couple of years later I began attending trade shows and noticed the beautiful pieces coming from different parts of the world that were already made and realized this was a better option, it would be more cost effective and time efficient without risking quality. And it took off from there! Read more>>

Deepti Mundkur MD | Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician

Alright, so let’s dive straight in! Today, most physicians work as employees in healthcare systems and experience constant meddling by non-medical personnel in their daily practice of medicine. The result is a horrible experience for both the patients and the physicians. Insurance company CEOs are making billions of profits while the United States of America struggles with poor access to quality outpatient care for the common man. Though we live in an age of instant texting and same-day home deliveries, our access to a family doctor remains severely limited. TYPICAL PATIENT EXPERIENCE Let me walk you through my own experience as a patient in today’s healthcare system. I am lucky to live in San Diego – one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It took four months for me to get my first appointment with a family doctor in 2019. Despite using a reputed healthcare system and having the platinum package health insurance, I waited four long months for my first outpatient doctor visit. Read more>>

Jan Phillips | Author, Activist & Thought Leader

I always wanted to be my own boss. I had a brain that enjoyed marketing as much as the creative process, so I was well suited to succeed. I could spend half the day generating something useful, creative and fun, then spend time on developing the marketing plan to sell and promote it. Read more>>

Adisa Ziric Francesco Bonsinetto | Founders

We are entrepreneurs at heart! The main reason we started Cucina Migrante was to educate our clients about real food and the importance of taking time to cook something in your own kitchen. Having grown up in countries where people eat home cooked meals daily and very often grow what they eat, we felt there was a big opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with others. In San Diego we are lucky to have many amazing farmers that grow real organic food. Many people are not aware of this or they are simply overwhelmed when they go to the farmers market, or in the kitchen in general. We wanted to encourage people to support local food providers and show them how to make delicious simple meals at home. We also wanted to offer our clients a unique culinary and cultural experience different than just going out to a restaurant. Read more>>

Jimmy Wu | Photographer

After working for years as a software engineer, I wanted a change of pace. Since I’ve always loved all forms of art and especially photography, I thought it was a good time to transition into starting my own photography business. After thinking it over for a long time, I finally took the plunge and I’ve been enjoying the work that I’ve been doing since. As a software engineer, I developed skills to adapt to any situation and that’s definitely helped in my photography as well. I’ve found that being a photographer is a great balance of being outdoors for doing shoots and staying in to work on editing the photos. Overall I’ve found the transition to be a great benefit to my overall work life balance. Read more>>

Shea Kelly & Lucky Lopez | Videographers & Photographers

Our thought process behind starting our own business was to do something we enjoyed doing everyday. Both coming from sales and marketing backgrounds, we discussed how building relationships and sustaining those relationships were a key factor in our past successes. We both enjoyed meeting new people, learning about their business or passion and then helping them grow or reach their goals through creative strategies. From this came the idea to take a chance together and build a business of our own. We thought “If not now, then when?” Read more>>

David Newman | CEO, Founder & Entrepreneur

Initially, there was no plan to start a business. There was no business plan, no market research, no product testing or anything of the sort. There was simply motivation to solve a personal problem I was experiencing in my fitness pursuits. That singular objective allowed me to avoid all other distractions and just focus on solving the problem. I ended up developing a really good solution. As I let others test out my solution they too were very impressed and asked if I would make one for them. This happened regularly and organically until I had no choice but to start a business and start charging for my product. That’s how Rx Smart Gear, Inc. came to be. Read more>>

Brittney Garbani | Owner

Creating my boutique was simply a combination of two things I am deeply passionate about, that and the fact that I felt the timing was right in my life to start my own business. I truly believe home is where your hound is, and with the skill set I had gained throughout my career prior to opening the shop, I felt that I had the know-how and tools that were required to go out on my own. I personally cannot get enough of seeing how people express their style within the walls in which they live, and how it’s becoming more accepted to embrace a lifestyle in which dogs and design dwell together harmoniously. Dogs and their accessories are an extension of us and are a big component of our lives that should be celebrated and enjoyed, so why not combine these items into a shop environment? Read more>>

Corbin O’Reilly

I wanted to do something I love and carry that pride and passion day in and day out. I knew IT had to be something powerful like that to keep me going on a good day and a or a bad day. IT has been such an awesome journey In creating my own businesses. In carrying out the idea at first you are surrounded by motivation and excitement of putting the business together. But getting yourself to stay focused on the priorities is key to staying on the right track. The longer your in business the quick you learn to stay on the right track! Read more>>

Marie Bacsik | ARCC Center Foundation Director

I have always been in the special needs field, but I felt that working as a Respite Worker was the most important and valuable job I ever had. After working in several other positions I felt very strongly that supporting families in the home was the basis for a child to have a thriving life and I wanted to dedicate all of my time and energy to making that happen for as many families as possible. Read more>>

Harry Solomon | Realtor & Owner

I had been selling real estate in Orange County for approx 23 years and was taking a break from sales. I was assisting a friend in studying for her brokers exam and she looked at me and said, “You have too much real estate knowledge in your head to not be still in the business. At the very least you should be instructing new agents.” So about 6 months later, I opened NOVA Real Estate Services in Dana Point. We’ve moved a couple of times since then, but going strong from inception. Read more>>

Dr. Tristaca McCray | Humanitarian & Global Leader

I have always been an entrepreneur and owning my own business was always a dream of mine. I never knew exactly what I wanted the business to be, but I always enjoyed working in the community. ‘NERDS RULE INC’ came about as a message that challenged me to take accountability for my actions and to lead a life of becoming a leader filled with kindness, compassion and confidence. Later, it turned into a global brand that pushed positive and thought-provoking messages and then on to a platform for International Leaders to acquire motivation, resources, and opportunities. From workshops, events, shows, productions, podcasts and more our platform is growing and stronger than ever. As a leader, building this business has been my most fulfilling creation yet, I get to share my experience with other community leaders as well as offer my help by planting seeds of hope and determination. Read more>>