A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever.  As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Briana Kranz Corcoran | Illustrator

As my career has progressed over the years, it’s become quite clear to me that it’s important to create boundaries – knowing when to say “no,” as well as to choose more joyful and creatively rewarding work makes a huge impact not only in how I spend my time creating but in my enjoyment of it as well. While taking less but higher quality work might not always be financially the most ideal, it has proven to be the best way for me to balance life and work while maintaining inspiration and motivation. And as many may have learned in the past few months, standing by strong set hours for work is vital as well in keeping freelance work and regular life separated – not answering e-mails or working on the weekends (unless preferred) as well as shutting off communication after a certain point during the day. Read more>>

Molly Terbovich-Ridenhour | Arts Education Leader & Advocate

As a trained dancer, balance has played various roles in my life. From standing on two feet in positions not natural to the body, to turning poised on the tips of my toes in pointe shoes, little did I know how much balance would impact my everyday life. As I grew into my professional career, I learned to balance working a full-time administrative job while pursuing my passion to dance professionally. What I didn’t notice was the imbalance in my home life. My busy schedule resulted in not being home on the weeknights and weekends for over 3 years, resulting in missing a lot of social and family events. Once I decided to retire from performing, I was able to reflect and see how out of balance I actually was. I began to embrace the space and time I now had and really enjoy not having such a scheduled life. Read more>>

Alex Ozols | Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorney

When I first started out as an attorney I just wanted as many cases as I could. I wanted to get as much experience as possible and prove myself in the legal field. After about 5 years I really started to burn out with that mindset. Now our firm takes a lot less cases and we pick and choose the ones we want in order to strike a better balance between work and life. Read more>>

Mattson Culbert | Photographer

Work life balance has changed over time for myself dramatically since becoming a stay at home parent five and half years ago. In some ways I have more free time to pursue my photography career taking my daughter along with me sometimes. Other times I have to make sure photo shoots or certain projects don’t interfere with her lifestyle and attention. Since lockdown in March 2020 we have been together every day so I haven’t had the ability to drop her off at school like before. I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve been pickier about who and what projects I want to work on. Especially if they interfere with time I need to spend with my daughter and making sure she is getting what she needs. I know any freelancer/parent struggles with this at times but my family is always my first priority. For anyone that takes care of young children it’s hard to make time for your career. Read more>>

Sandra Ary

I think now we are under a different set of circumstances than we were since last year things have changed so drastically. While our immediate world and day to day activities have been so heavily modified, it is important that we recognize these changes and be able to mold WITH them in the most natural way. For me, I always focus on the Tao, this is the closest path to our original organic nature that we are able to ascertain here in physical form, on planet earth. Because I know we are facing unprecedented times this is a way for us to modify our current lifestyle in order to pursue the best version of our life that we can live! I have developed a series of systems to success which seem to work for me, but are different for each person. However, generally speaking the 6 best doctors to help you achieve balance are; water, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, diet and rest! From there, you can play healthy and happy in any dimension <3!!! Read more>>