We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Steven Cade | Modern Country Singer & Songwriter

I believe my music helps people connect to their own lives in ways where music is powerful, and subliminal. Music can affect someone’s mood in a positive way, and also help people think of life in a positive way. My songs have no hidden innuendos or subliminal messages, and are popular with fans as well as their families. Read more>>

April Winograd Betsy Witt | Etiquette Trainers

We think good manners start in the home. And we know, as parents ourselves, how hard it can be to teach them to your kids. At Quail & Ivy, we hope to reinforce what parents are teaching at home by offering etiquette workshops for children, teens and adults that build skills needed to succeed in life. An awareness of basic etiquette builds self-confidence and leadership skills and helps develop positive relationship with others. How you act towards others can influence how they react to you, creating a ripple effect that will impact people they encounter along the way. That’s the kind of social impact we hope to have on our community and beyond. Read more>>

Mario Ordonez-Calderon | Founder & Physical Therapy Assistant

Un Mar De Colores is bridging the socio-economic gap in the sport of surfing by providing an accessible and inclusive space for children of color and/or underserved youth to build courage and community while connecting to the ocean. As a non-profit we offer free surf instruction, surfboards, and transportation which are the obstacles that prevent some families from enjoying the beach. We celebrate diversity and create an all welcoming space that helps progress the movement of social equality and we hope to create a future generation of ocean stewards through the connections we create with the kids and the ocean. Read more>>

Lindsey Graves | Yoga Instructor, Nurse & Healer

I discovered yoga eight years ago, or perhaps I ought to say, “yoga discovered me”. The practice of yoga has been my safe place, my sanctuary, my stress relief and my joy. Over the years and to this very day; every time I step on my mat, I leave with an invaluable experience that has helped me grow in numerous ways. As I built a stronger practice through the years, I knew deep down that I was destined to teach yoga. After doing heavy personal development work and healing; in addition to cutting my relationship with alcohol, I enrolled in a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Spring of 2020. Once I finished my yoga teacher training in May 2020, I knew that the world desperately needed connection, community and healing. Therefore, a few months after completing my Yoga Teacher Training, I intuitively knew that I needed to start a yoga business in order to inspire, shape and help my community and the world. Soultry Yoga, LLC was then ignited. Read more>>

Danika Pramik-Holdaway | Artistic Director

The San Diego Civic Youth Ballet is a place where students can discover their passion for ballet, and families can find a supportive community. As a parent, I know how incredible it is to see your own kids discover an activity, sport, or art form that they truly love, and as a dancer, I remember the pure joy that ballet brought me each day when I was young. It is so important to have something to look forward to each day, and a way to discover your own expression and voice as you mature into a young adult. Our teaching staff works to make sure that each and every student is excelling with their ballet training, while at the same time learning time management skills, and how to interact with others in a respectful and supportive way. Having the experience of performing on stage also provides our students with a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Read more>>

Lindsay Pomeroy | Master of Wine

My business was started to help educate consumers and ultimately trade professionals about wine. The by-product of this was the creation of a knowledge-thirsty community. A few years after I founded Wine Smarties, I started offering the WSET certification courses and that was a fabulous decision! I have seen my graduates move on to own their own businesses in town locally, move away and do cool things in other regions of the country and world as well as help create better wine choices in the community, meaning, the more you know about wine, the more diverse your palate becomes which then results in exploring a wider range of styles and regions. San Diego now (compared to 2006 when my business began), now has a respectable culinary and wine scene. Read more>>

Ben Cole | School Director

The Theatre School @ North Coast Rep offers students of different backgrounds a safe environment to come together, learn and accept their differences, and collaborate in expressing themselves artistically and theatrically. This allows them to develop a deeper appreciation of their own abilities and how they may connect with others throughout their lives. Now with online theatre classes and student productions, we have had students not only in San Diego, but also in different states and even Canada! Read more>>

Sean Canning | Principal Architect

For the last 10 years, San Diego has fallen short of their housing goals by 12,000 units. This has resulted in a local housing crisis. One of the primary focusses of my business Ten Seventy Architecture is to design modern, functional rental spaces in a variety of sizes. These are typically classified as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Our clients usually come to us with a residential property + we help them strategize how to develop it in a way where they can create rental income + additional value while simultaneously contributing to the solution of the housing crisis. The new code allows for 1-2 ADUs on any residential lot (sometimes more). If planned properly this can be a win-win scenario for our clients + San Diego. Our building department is notoriously anti-housing, which has greatly worsened the local housing crisis. Read more>>