Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why?  Takings risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Amy Jasmine | Photographer & Creative Director

In my opinion, risks are vital for growth and success. If you stay within your comfort zone, you won’t be able to get to that next level that you dream about. Risks ARE scary- and sometimes they won’t pay off. But guess what! Sometimes they do. And the more comfortable you get with taking risks, the better chance of reaching that success or dream you yearn for. With perseverance, confidence, resilience, and simply believing in yourself, we can honestly do anything we put our mind to. Success isn’t a one way road and success doesn’t happen overnight. Read more>>

Sarah Dobosiewicz | Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor

The word “risk” usually has some kind of negative connotation implying fear and danger, so instead I prefer to think of my past and future “risks” as adventures. I would not be where I am today without intuitively taking, what some would consider, a few “big risks” in my life and career; one being when I moved from a small town in Pennsylvania to San Diego where I knew no one and had only been once before. I believe that we are lucky enough to be gifted with one life (that we know of) and even more lucky to be able to choose how we live our life and what we stand for. Read more>>

Summer McCulloug | Content Creator – Photographer/Model

I look at risk taking like it’s a 50/50 shot, so might as well take that shot! If you don’t you will never know what you are missing, and isn’t that even worst? Feeling like you let an opportunity slip away. Risk taking plays a HUGE role in my everyday life since I am currently a freelance photographer/model. Everyday I’m wondering when my next photography or modeling gig is going to happen, how much will I be getting paid, or will this be a collaboration deal. Taking risk of being on both sides of the camera has given me opportunities to work with brands like Modcloth, TRULY Beauty, Mejuri, and MORE! Read more>>

Valli Williams | Mortgage Lender and Realtor

High Risk, High Reward. I was an athlete, so you train yourself to make the pass even if you might fail, take the shot, even if it may not go in. In life, risk is just another step forward, another way to progress towards your dreams. Anything worth doing is going to have some type of risk. I will bet it all on myself in life and business! Read more>>

Kaitlyn Harrell | Hair Stylist

I believe risks can open new doors and possibilities. While taking a risk can definitely be intimidating, it can also be exciting! That excitement can be inspirational and bring you new creativity and passion! Just recently I took a risk and I moved my business closer to my home and family to a new salon home, JDM salon. It was definitely scary to potentially lose some clients. There is also always a chance that the move might not go smoothly, or I may not have enjoyed the new space, or even worse my clients wouldn’t. Thankfully my move has been amazing! A smooth transition, I am so happy in my new salon home and my clients all have loved my new space! Read more>>

Jessica Nguyen | Business Owner / Dance Instructor

I have never been a risk taker and always played it safe . As a creative I have reached roads in my dance career where I felt I wasn’t good enough or didn’t have enough training. I stopped dancing for 10 years; no classes, no teaching and no performing. Once I became a mother the creative part of me was no longer a priority and I was no longer pursuing a career in dance. I only focused on becoming the best mother I could possibly be. 2 years ago I realized a part of me was missing. I thought to myself what does being a good mother mean? I wanted to be someone my daughters could be proud of. Read more>>

Etienne & Paulo Elsaesser & Serrano | STRW Co. co-founders

Risks are taken daily as an entrepreneur whether we know it or not. Running one or multiple business is always risky, no matter how much “security” one may feel. As you go on running a business, you cross many different obstacles, all come with their varying degree of risk involved. The longer you run your business, the more calculated your risk taking becomes. Risk taking is very uncomfortable in the beginning and seems like your whole life depends on it. Though sometimes it does, you have to look at every situation professionally, and know that as cliche as it sounds “no risk, no reward”. Read more>>

Josette Alvarez | Realtor

I think of risk as opportunity. Where there is risk, there is reward. What is at stake to be lost could be an opportunity lost. The most rewarding risk has been starting a career in real estate. Starting with zero sales experience or knowledge of selling real estate, I chose to take a chance in an already saturated and competitive industry. Luckily, I wasn’t discouraged and kept pushing to elevate my brand and service. The reward has been a fruitful career where I have been able to meet and help so many people. On a smaller scale, I try to make a point of taking risks often. Read more>>

Jeanelle Ditto | Owner of Blush Interior Design & Boutique

Risk has always been a part of my life. Growing up without much money and the last one born out of eight kids, success was not on my side at first. I’ve had to work much harder and must faster then most people that had better opportunities than me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not throwing myself a pitty party. I have accepted that everyone starts out on different levels, but it’s where you end up that counts in the end right? Risk is a part of all of us no matter what we think. Yes, some of us take bigger risks than others, but really each decision made in our day to day life could ultimately change everything. Read more>>

Kendall Hamilton | Money Mindset Coach

Risk is scary. Risk is very uncomfortable. But risk can also be very rewarding. I believe that taking risks gives you the confidence to trust yourself when making hard decisions. Because when you prove to yourself over and over that you can handle hard things, hard decisions become a little easier to make every time. I’ve taken risks when leaving my 9-5, when starting my own business, when we moved my family across the country (twice) with no jobs and no place of our own to live, and when hiring my first business coach. Every single risk I’ve taken, although scary at the time, has led me to something better each time. Read more>>

Rosemary Oliveira | Fashion Model

Yes! Just because of the big fact of being alone in a country so far, completely different from my country of origin without family and friends around it was a challenge that I faced in the first year of my exchange in the United States. My goal was bigger than anything and it gave me the courage to continue studying and doing volunteer jobs. This made me gain a lot of experience and daily practice of the English language. Today I can say that I speak three languages so I can stay focused for my opportunities in my artistic and executive career. Read more>>

Denise Alba, LMFT/CEO | Licensed Holistic Therapist & Yoga Instructor

Taking risks used to be a huge battle for me. I would consult with those that I trusted most, sit with it for a while (eating at me with anxiety), until I felt I was able to make a decision. I have noticed such growth since opening the business in the sense that I have learned to trust in myself and my gut feeling. I know that risks are a huge gamble but I also know that I will not grow as a person and in this business unless I take these. I have learned to listen to myself and trust that innate feeling. Read more>>

Nancy Tran | Business Owner and Permanent Make Up Artist

Dreaming is easy, but actually taking the initiative to apply yourself to make your dream a reality is scary. It’s scary due to the thoughts of the unknown outcome. All the risk and sacrifices you have to take in order to get to where you want to be. Starting my own business was definitely scary. As a single parent of a young child, leaving a stable job was definitely scary. But WORTH IT!!! I have an extreme passion and love for the work that I do. I made sure all the risks I did was thought out before taking the initiative. Read more>>

Adriana Ferreyra | Rudford’s Restaurant Manager

Risk comes in many forms, and often times the result is rather unfortunate. There is no absolute way to avoid risk, but the best way to face it is head on and to remain resilient. When my fiancé, Nicholas Kacha, and I were told that we could no longer operate dine-in services at Rudford’s Restaurant (because of COVID-19) we were faced with a very difficult decision. We knew that we had to immediately cut down on various costs, which included temporarily letting go the majority of our staff. Nicholas and I also knew that we could not close our doors as many of our devoted patrons rely on us every day for their home-cooked meal. Read more>>

Reinhart Selvik | Visual Artist

If it’s not risky, it’s not worth it. Growing up in America, our system is designed to produce mediocrity. We have programs in place that model complacency in exchange for security. Rights to healthcare/retirement/education are held at ransom and used as leverage to keep so many people from taking risks and pursuing their dreams. Fear becomes a handicap and keeps so many isolated from their dreams because we are tempted by careers that offer stability and an ensured outcome. Read more>>

Briana Ellis | Architect and Interior Designer

Everything good I have created in my life and career are because I was willing to take a risk. It’s scary at first. But once you’re successfully on the other side of the risk, you realize the feelings of uncertainty and nerves are the same as if you didn’t take the risk and stayed “safe.” The difference is, the nervous feelings of uncertainty when you play it safe come from feeling powerless and unfulfilled. The nervous feelings of uncertainty when you take a risk to do something that fulfills you is energizing and life affirming. Once you realize and experience that, risk taking becomes almost addictive. Read more>>

Sara MArtin | Business Owner

When COVID-19 hit San Diego, restaurants and bars were forced to pivot to delivery and take-out with just a moment’s notice in an effort to curb the spread of the pandemic. While this mandate required a total transformation of business for most chefs across the country, Rosannas was uniquely equipped to continue to support the community, its employees, and suppliers in the midst of chaos.Businesses must be dexterous in order to survive, and I was already starting to take my parents’ business in a new direction as a restaurant- supported retail concept. Read more>>

Yuri Castelo | Montessori Teacher

I truly believe that the life you live depends on the choices you make (or don’t make). Almost every decision you make in life has a risk to it, and it will teach you a lesson, it may be a lesson of success or failure, but either way, you will for sure come out of it stronger, braver and more alive. What a boring life it would be if you decided to stay at the same place forever. I am definitely a risk taker. I love the idea of walking a new path that will maybe take me further or set me back, who knows, but I sure try to enjoy the ride and learn the lesson. Read more>>

Allison Allen | Hairstylist

When you put the work in and take the necessary leaps, growth comes from that, so risk is what makes being a hairstylist exciting. We are constantly taking risks whether it’s a new color formulation, a new marketing idea, or even taking the plunge and started a new career all together. With risk comes rewards and that’s something I’ve always believed in. Read more>>

Regina Di Silvestro | Natural Product Chemist

Taking risks in business is inevitable. It’s a necessary component for most businesses, especially when growth is involved. We’ve had our share of risks over the years and most were planned, yet some presented to us beyond our control. The larger the risk, the more at stake and therefore creating backup plans help to reduce risk and hopefully avoid complete failure. Some of our greater, scarier risks included moving into larger facilities with limited capital and an unknowing economy, deciding if a formulation change is needed based on resource availability, hiring employees with a limited budget or launching a new product in hopes it will be received as well as forecasted. Read more>>