We had the good fortune of connecting with Amy Jasmine and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Amy, what role has risk played in your life or career?
In my opinion, risks are vital for growth and success. If you stay within your comfort zone, you won’t be able to get to that next level that you dream about. Risks ARE scary- and sometimes they won’t pay off. But guess what! Sometimes they do. And the more comfortable you get with taking risks, the better chance of reaching that success or dream you yearn for. With perseverance, confidence, resilience, and simply believing in yourself, we can honestly do anything we put our mind to. Success isn’t a one way road and success doesn’t happen overnight. Embrace the journey, take some risks, and see what happens when you do. 🙂 Almost every move in my business has felt like a risk thus far. With self doubts, “what-if” narratives running through my head, and wondering what will happen if I fail- these daily risks I take are what has gotten me to where I am at today. Every client, every project, and every sale I’ve made essentially is a risk and feels scary. But thats growth baby! And I’m here for it.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
My work is an ever-evolving entity. It’s quite interesting to see where I started 3 years ago to where I am now- and I know in another 3 years I will say the same. I mostly take photographs of people in some element. Whether that is portraits, boudoir, couples, or working with brands- it all has one common element: humans! I like to pride myself in giving people an experience when I take their photographs. I am so lucky to be able to connect and be vulnerable with so many people, hear their story, share mine, show them how beautiful and worthy they really are, and provide a keepsake that will last forever. Something recent that I am incredibly proud of is some landscape photos I took in April of a rare event: the bioluminescent waves off the coast in San Diego. This phenomenon happens when there is a surplus of algae in the water (called red tide during the day), and at night- the algae emits a beautiful glowing blue chemical reaction. So basically, glowing blue neon waves! I took some photos of the event, posted them online, and woke up to a bunch of messages of people wanting it in print! I was so overwhelmed, never having done print sales before, but I was able to buck up, figure out how to make and price the prints- and sold over 100 in two days. My photo was shared over 30k times within that timeframe, and was featured in a bunch of different arenas from science educational resources to just dreamy art platforms. So now- my photo is hanging in over 100 homes on 3 different materials. To me- that is absolutely bonkers! It’s really fun to think about and that is something I never thought I could do- because I put myself in a box that I “only take photographs on humans.” But- that one experience has inspired me to keep going out of my comfort zone and photograph whatever inspires me in the moment. I can’t say that I’m the most successful person at what I do- I am still learning and making mistakes daily!- but what I can say is I am always striving to be a better artist, businesswoman, and educator and am excited to keep going and see where this career takes me.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
First things first- we are going surfing at Beacon’s Beach in Encinitas. I’m taking my GoPro- you WILL stand up- and it’s going to be a blast. Once we are rested and showered, we are riding our bikes to Sunset Cliffs! Anytime I have friends visiting this is my #1 priority, and it never disappoints. The natural beauty we are blessed to have in our backyards is something people travel from all over the world to see. On the way- we will pickup some charcuterie and some Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay from Olive Tree in Ocean Beach (best meat and cheese selection holla!) and have a relaxing picnic at sunset and into blue hour. For dinner- we are heading Downtown to Lion’s Share to drink whatever the bartender wants to make us (they always know best- so trust your craft bartenders and let them blow your mind and tastebuds) and to eat my favorite and most unique menu I’ve had in my San Diego lifetime- tonight I’m having the Bison Strip Loin and Yellowtail Crudo to start. We will take a ride around downtown in one of the party bikes that are glowing neon lights and blasting music, and maybe get dropped off to dance the night away at Oxford. We will end the night finding the secret speakeasies scattered all over the town. We won’t sleep. The next day we are hiking to detox from the night prior and to get in touch with nature. We have options tho- because we have SO many amazing hikes here from Torrey Pines, Anza-Borrego, Potato Chip Rock, the many trails in Mount Laguna, or my personal favorite secret getaway- a place about an hour away called Julian. There we will go apple-picking and eat some of the best apple pie in the world. So many hikes to do, and so much natural beauty. The following day we are hitting up Pacific Beach- to have rooftop drinks at El Prez and snag one of their primo-tables with a view of the ocean and pier. I’m ordering guacamole and carnitas tacos for the table, along with margaritas for all. We will Bird scooter all over town (safely-of course), check out the boardwalk, and enjoy the crazy people-watching of Pacific Beach. Slo-Mo will make an appearance. We will bop around to all my favorite places including Waterbar, Mavericks, and I can’t go without you getting a Redbull Slushi at PBShoreclub (this is like Pacific Beach initiation). It’s almost unfair to jam pack my favorite things into one week- so here are some of my favorite things that deserve honorable mentions: Ocean Beach, because that’s where I first touched down in San Diego land and it forever has a special place in my heart. Fun fact- the movie “Almost Famous” was filmed here and the pier (which: bonus fun fact- is the longest cement pier in WORLD with a unique T shape) makes an appearance in the opening scene. On Wednesday is the farmers market which turns into a paradise drum circle on the beach. In Point Loma- I have my favorite secret beach that you may need to climb a few rocks to get down to (its my favorite beach to take photographs at, and if you know, you know). We will visit the San Diego Zoo, eat ALL the food and shop the small shops at Liberty Station, take a bike ride around Balboa Park, the USS Midway Museum, and go to a Padres game where will we eat too much kettle-corn. We will spend an entire day visiting the San Diego Botanic Garden and see the pure beauty of plants that come from ALL over the world and reside here. Whilst doing all these activities, I will immerse you into the wonderful group of friends that I have made since living here in paradise. We will eat sushi and I will make you take a sake-bomb (or two) with me. And we are getting the Lemon roll to start and ending with a macaron ice cream sandwich. We will go to Hillcrest and eat brunch. San Diego is truly an abyss of fun, excitement, diversity, and I feel like I’ve barely touched on all of it, but maybe this is a good start.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
This question is so loaded because there are SO MANY individuals and groups of people that have supported me and loved me through this process. My family, friends, and partner goes without saying. In this past year specifically, a community called ‘Do More Photographers’ (a dedicated group of people that stretches worldwide supplying education and support in the Boudoir world) has given me the confidence and skills to know that I can run a successful business doing what I love, empowering women and making art. I was able to go to Las Vegas in February for the yearly conference (right before our world changed) to create with some of the most talented and inspiring people I’ve ever met. I truly felt joy and that experience filled my entire cup and I’m so grateful for that community and what I’ve taken away thus far.

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