Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Vanessa Narvios | Wedding & Event Pro

When I think of taking risks I often equate that to jumping out of an airplane or bungee jumping, of which both things, I can confidently say I would never do! That type of risk taking is for sure not my forte. Moving across the world to a place I’ve never been to a country where I don’t know a single person, or can speak a single word of the language…… no problem, Read more>>

John Fowler | CEO & Founder at Outlive

Twenty-four years ago, I started a career in construction after school and ventured on a study abroad stint in Europe. I first sold kitchens, then went on to sell windows across Europe and the Middle East for Andersen Windows, and eventually Marvin Windows while living in Brussels with my family for six years. I learned early on from my now longtime mentors that business is about people and being able to have a conversation. Read more>>

Katie Koentje | Owner of NEAT Method San Diego + Orange County

Generally speaking, I would describe myself as a risk adverse person. Probably not surprising since I am a Type-A, planner who has made professional organizing a career. That being said when it comes to business I tend to lean into risks. Read more>>

Jiyoon Jang | Pastry Chef / Baker

For me, the biggest risks I took in my life have gotten me the closest to the living the kind of life I really desire and am fulfilled by. For instance with baking, I got into baking as a quarantine baker, hopped on that sourdough band wagon and definitely contributed to the flour shortage during that time. Read more>>

Jamiah Hargins | Founder of Crop Swap LA

Tolerance for risk-taking is absolutely necessary! We build front yard microfarms, self-contained food growing operations that capture rainwater and grow food organically. In order to actually do this, it requires putting an installation out into the public, hoping it works well, and talking to everyone who passes by to see it. There’s a ton of risk involved in doing this because our business is based on relationships as much as it is based on nature. Read more>>

Adriana Garcidueñas | Designer, Illustrator, Lettering Artist & Typeface Designer

First of all, I must tell you that I’m a very random person, I like very opposite things, for example: my playlist can go from Royal Blood, passing thru Beethoven, and ending with BTS; so we can say I like very much the opposites. I love taking risks, (a.k.a, experimentation), it gives me so much rush of energy and want to do a lot and create so much, but at the same time its one of the most scariest things to me, to try something new and screwing it up, and having a sad and stressful time. Read more>>

Kristen Robinson | Choreographer & Dance Studio Owner

Risk taking has not always been a strength of mine in my life. Opening my business in the height of the global pandemic, at a time of immense uncertainty, was easily the biggest risk I have ever taken. There was a moment where I had to just choose to take a chance on myself and trust that all of my experiences had led me to be at this point. Read more>>

Joshua Caruso | Cannabis Entrepreneur

Risk are a necessary part of growing in business and in life. Take the risk. Choosing to be a entrepreneur in the cannabis industry which still remains federally illegal and highly regulated has always involved risks. Doing any business is risky but especially when the industry is still in its infancy. Read more>>

Aubrianna Robinson | Cartoonist & Illustrator

So there I was, alone in a tiny cafe located on the corner of a parking lot and smoke shop. It was warm and stuffy and due to recent outbreaks, we are required to wear gloves and face masks which makes me feel like a plastic bag of hot air. I was crouched under the sink, draining the crud and coffee grounds into a grime-stained bucket when I think to myself, “Is the money really worth it?” My job was supposed to just keep me financially stable, afloat during the chaos of the world. Read more>>