Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Daisy Campos | Boudoir Photographer

I love helping everyBODY gain their confidence, and learn about self love. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and love their bodies for what they are. A lot of us are use to comparing ourselves to others on a daily. I want to remind people that we are all unique and beautiful! Read more>>

Laura Van Tyne Tina Erwin | The Karmic Path

Social Impact-How does your business affect the community or the world? The Karmic Path was established with the concept of service. Service takes on many forms. We understand that we all have free will and we all make free choices based on our knowledge and surroundings. We also need to understand that all of choices and actions do echo out and do affect others in all aspects of our lives, including family, friends and co-workers. The Karmic Path works with businesses and their staff at all levels to help develop intuition and communication skills to help make wiser and more thoughtful decisions to increase morale, productivity and the bottom line. Read more>>

Melissa Finestone | Founder & Owner

Our objective is to create the cleanest, purest and freshest almond mulk for our San Diego community. Nutritious AND delicious is our jam, and we achieve this through ingredient selection and process. While the process is simple, there are many steps involved and we use some badass equipment that gets every bit of goodness out of the almond! Almost every ingredient we use is in its raw state, and comes directly from plants. We help the community by providing them with a dairy-alternative milk that can either be delivered right to their doorstep with local delivery or by picking up at local farmers markets. Read more>>

Angel Montague | Certified Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor RYT-300, Shamanic practitioner & Spiritual Guide

The work I do in this world creates a ripple effect in the energy field of each individual client I work with. As each person connects to their own healing, it helps to shift their frequency transmuting low vibrations into higher frequencies, which impacts not only the individual but also their surrounding environment. Read more>>

Sean | Little Buddies Pet Care Owner

Outside of taking care of basic pet needs, we focus on socializing them. I often hear, “My dog doesn’t do well with others.” which is not always accurate while out with us. There are times, especially in cases of bad weather or emergencies, where we need to pair them up. It’s important that they behave while out and not injure us or other animals. All of our lives are easier if they get along. Basic training like stopping at curbs before crossing a street, having them sit and wait till we exit a doorway first, etc., is crucial for their safety and of those in their neighborhood as well. Setting a positive example is important to us. Read more>>

Coral Strong | Owner & Executive Chef

I buy from 7-8 San Diego farms weekly. Supporting the local economy with a small footprint is vital to our health and our economy locally, and globally. Read more>>

Krista Sena | Owner and Curator of Hand Meets Sky

I’m very proud that since the beginning Hand Meets Sky has contributed to the Native American Community. We work directly with several Native American artists (mostly female) who create hand crafted pieces of art in traditional Native American designs. We have built these partnerships over decades. We believe in fairness for the artists and quality over quantity. Proudly, this has always been the HMS way. Read more>>