We had the good fortune of connecting with Ronda Chowaiki and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Ronda, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
Around 15 years ago I had breast cancer, and when I came through it all I realized the reason I am here is to help other people heal. Since then Ive been on a journey of health and healing. I have always placed my hands on people when they were ill, whether it was my family or good friends, not knowing what it was called. but feeling an inate need to channel healing energy to them. Later I began to study reiki and realized that is what I had been doing all along, but with the power of the reiki symbols it became so much more focused and powerful. I started out working on clients from a guest room in my home for the first year until it grew so big that I needed a separate office to accomadate all of my new clients.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
Foe me what excites me the most is about helping people on many different levels. What I offer may be different than going to someone for a basic reiki session. I have put together my own combination of what I have learned throughout the years, holistic coaching, crystal energy clearing and chakra balancing , and something that goes a little deeper which we call releasing Karmic imprints ( energy blocks that reside in your chakras) which can be the feelings you are left with after an incident or past traumas which have caused physical and emotional pain in your life. By digging deeper we can release those past traumas and you can truly heal your life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Before every client even arrives to my office I usually clear the energy in the room by burning incense. I then sit down and go into deep meditation and ask for any guidance on problems the client may need to address, and then center and clear myself so that I am an open channel for receiving any information that might come through for them before they arrive. I usually start out a session by first discussing with the client the reason why they have come to me. it may be anything from Ive been having pain for a month and want to release it to, they have anxiety and stress and need help in learning how to relax. to they want to have their chakras cleared and balanced.and feel recharged, to having relationship problems and are feeling stuck. I then describe to them what reiki is and what I will be doing, I always ask them if they just want to feel good and be cleared and recharged or if they want to go deep to release any negative energy that may be blocking them. Not all people like to face their demons it can be painful but its worth it to release old wounds and patterns that have weighed you down and gotten you to the place you may currently be in. Then I instruct them to lay down face up on the table, ( they are fully clothed during the sessions) The lights are out in the room and there is soft flickering candles, a lavender diffuser and soft music playing in the background, all to get you relaxed comfortable and feeling peaceful. I then say a silent prayer to thank god, the guides, guardian angels and the many healing masters for the healing of this person. Next I charge my crystals by putting reiki energy into them and place them on the different chakras. Then the session begins with me sitting at their head with my hands lightly touching the crown of their head as I guide them into a guided meditation of deep breathing and visualization to relax them , before moving onto other areas of the body. For the last few months since the coronavirus has impacted everyones lives in such a huge way, I’ve had so many clients feel the stress and anxiety of being cooped up and not sure of their futures. So now I have been doing all of my sessions by zoom. What we do now is begin the first part of the session on zoom as a coaching session to go through what they have been experiencing and how I can help them with it. Then we switch the second half of the session to a call and I ask them to put their phone on speaker. I instruct them to lie down and get comfortable on their bed and I do what we call in Reiki, a distant healing session with them over the phone,Which means your sending universal life force energy across time and space. The beautiful thing about a distant healing session is you can send it to anyone anywhere in the world, they don’t have to be in the same room as you! I than do the exact same thing I would do if we were in person, I have them put the phone near their head and I have the soft music playing in the background and I have a diagram picture of a body with chakras, I place the crystals on the chakras and go through the guided meditation to relax them and then the session begins. Believe it or not they are just as powerful, moving, and healing as the ones we do in person., My clients are loving them and are so happy we are still able to connect in such a deep and meaningful way. And for me, I am so grateful that I am still able to be of service to them, because in the end, I know that the reason I am here is to help people heal, and as long as I am still able to do that, I know that I am living in alignment with my soul purpose here.


Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
I lived in Los Angeles for 40 years before moving to the beautiful city of San Diego, and as much as I thought I would never think of myself as a true San dieagan, I truly love it here now and don’t think I could live in LA anymore., My favorite things to do here are taking a long hike at the trails on Torrey Pines, going to the beach, going to the self realization center for a hike and a quiet meditation. And spending fun weekends with my family


Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I first read the book, “the Reiki Manual “by Penelope Quest, and learned that Reiki means “Universal life force energy” and realized that is what I had been doing all these years on my family and friends, and when I applied the symbols to my sessions I saw how it became much more effective. I began to see the immediate and positive results so I became hungry to learn more about energy healing and to get proper certification so that I might help people on a broader level.I then took all of my Reiki training courses and received my attunements 1,2,3, and master level training from my incredible teacher and Reiki master Marcela Alva. She has been a beautiful guiding light in my process and I am so grateful to her . I still wanted to learn more about energy and my friend Hope Umansky told me I should look into Pranic Healing,” its right up your alley!” she said I then studied at the Pranic Healing Center in San Diego with Mary Clark and took all 6 training modules in Pranic healing which is a highly developed system of energy treatment that uses prana (energy) to balance, harmonize and transform the body energy processes. After working with so many people I realized in essence I was actually coaching them in the beginning of each session before we began the reiki, so I then got certified as a Holistic Life coach, with the Natura Training institute to further assist my clients

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