Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

TIFFANY ARP-DALEO | Abstract Artist

Art, in general, has a huge impact on society as a whole. Art can reflect what a community is feeling. Art can tell stories of triumph and pain, struggle and success. Art can also brighten up a mood, instill hope, and inspire with color, beauty, and raw emotion. I hope to influence others to find their creative voice. We all have a story, we all have something to contribute, how we share it is individual. Additionally, I have always been an advocate of recycling, and global preservation. I will reuse just about everything, in some form or another as many times as I can. I reuse canvases, paint, and supplies, recycle magazines, newspapers, and random objects, nothing is off limits! I practice what I preach, recycle whenever possible. We have a voice and a presence in the world, we need to act together and do the right thing. Read more>>

Tarek Anandan | Founder, ATTIC & Urban/City Dweller

I started ATTIC, including ATTIC San Diego [] and ATTIC Los Angeles [] for one specific reason: to help make it easier for people to shop locally from small, independent businesses. Shopping small and shopping local are issues that are near and dear to my heart and issues that are incredibly important to cities and our communities. Here’s why I believe that to be true. My wife and I have done a lot of traveling in the past ten years and what we’ve noticed is that cities throughout the US — as well as those all around the world — are starting to look alike, at least in regards to retail. The same stores, the same restaurants, the same coffee shops in every city, whether you’re in San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington DC or New York. Chains have come to dominate our retail-scape. I find it sad. The experience of traveling to a place and discovering something unique and new is so much harder to have nowadays. Read more>

Havilah Smith | Digital Creater/ Designer

Being a blogger you get the amazing opportunity to try and support small businesses. During these trying times I feel like it’s so important to support your community and help get the word out about local restaurants, products, or any small business in the region. I love trying out new restaurants all over San Diego and sharing it with my followers. Read more>>

Natalia Villarreal | Founder and Creative Director

Petit Platters goal is to bring happiness into people’s lives. Not only during these unprecedented times, but everyday, whether you’re celebrating something or just need a break. There is something about disconnecting from the world and enjoying a delicious cheeseboard with great company that just brings me so much peace and I wanted to share that with my community. I try to help by donating to non-profits both in San Diego and Mexico, such as BLM organizations, Animal shelters, and Cancer Institutes as well as children in need and of course to our first responders who have continued to work so hard and risk their lives every day. Read more>>

Kirsten Asher | Women’s Mastermind Facilitator

As Mahatma Gandhi says, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” As women, the way we treat ourselves is how the next generation of little girls will treat themselves. The more we allow ourselves to be last on our priority list, the more other women will continue to put themselves last. Change starts with how we prioritize ourselves, how we know ourselves, the word we keep to ourselves, how we respect ourselves, and finally, how we treat and respect other women. If we’re going to change the world, we must start with knowing who we are outside of our title, outside of projections, outside of past memories or wounds. The standards at which we treat ourselves invites others to treat us that same way. Huntress and Co. teaches women how to take a stand for who they are, to dig deep and know thyself and to cultivate self-respect through integrity. This isn’t just a personal development course, this is a commitment, a movement. Read more>>


Roughly 50% of Americans have less than $100,000 saved for their retirement and only about 18% of Americans have a true comprehensive financial plan. Many individuals tend to view their investment portfolio as their financial plan. While investments are important, they make up only one part of a financial plan. My team is committed to helping individuals make decisions in their best interest to help them get on track for retirement and achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals through comprehensive financial planning. We also work with business owners to set up and customize their company’s retirement plans to match their corporate culture and focus on successful participant outcomes. Read more>>

Joshua Estrada | Energy Healer / Meditation / Crystal Jewelry / Tarot

Creating safe spaces has always been a theme in my life and as my journey took me into spiritual spaces I began to see that creating these spaces for people was very natural to me. I always had an easy time talking to anyone and I seemed to have people gravitate toward me to share their day to day lives and troubles. Becoming a Reiki Master (energy healer) has allowed me to develop as a human being and most importantly start to understand myself, which in turn has helped me understand others. By understanding the nature of the mind, taking control of my emotional state and harnessing my internal energies, I can live more completely in a state of conscious intent rather than in reaction to something. This is what I am sharing with people, through my business. I am sharing the message, and living the message of conscious living. Through meditative practices, energy healing, creating and selling crystal jewelry, I am promoting the one pointedness of consciousness. Read more>>

Ben Russell | Hairdresser

Ben Russell salon is a salon for everyone. The idea behind the salon is to bring a city experience to a beautiful country town in Somerset uk. From the great quality hair to a professional service. Also opening the doors to younger hairdressers in the town offering jobs and experiences they did not know existed and elite training that gives them confidence in their craft. Read more>>

Melissa Eisler | Executive & Leadership Coach

I am an executive and leadership development coach, and my mission is to help high achieving leaders show up for their teams and organizations with more emotional and social awareness, steadiness, and compassion. I believe that if leaders can learn to hold compassion and care as priorities alongside results, productivity, and the bottom line, the world would be a better place. Leaders set the tone for those around them; their behaviors are always in the spotlight and influential – for better or worse. If a leader projects warmth, hope, care, ease, and steadiness, they have the capacity to create a positive influence on those around them, and by extension – the ripple effect can continue to create a positive impact on the extended system – families, communities, and the greater good. My work is to partner with leaders to ensure the ripple effect they create is positive, and I hope this effort supports the organizations and communities my clients lead. Read more>>

Terry & Zorka | Owners and Operators

At MAKE pizza+salad we have a mission to provide great tasting, quality food at a fair price, with exceptional service. When you break down this statement, the first part is probably obvious, in that like most restaurants, we want our food to taste great; not okay, not pretty good, but GREAT! Our menu lineup includes many chef inspired dishes that are tested and retested until they taste phenomenal. The key to any great tasting dish is to start with quality ingredients. The second part of our mission statement is to provide quality food at a FAIR price. We may not be the least expensive casual restaurant around, but we do use quality ingredients, and take the time and effort to use the freshest, high quality, locally sourced ingredients. While the quality of ingredients may not allow us to be the least expensive, we try to be fair to our customers, and charge a reasonable price for the high quality dishes that we serve. Read more>>