We had the good fortune of connecting with Angelica Navarra and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Angelica, any advice for those thinking about whether to keep going or to give up?
This is actually a question I have asked myself a lot. It can be approached in so many different ways and each person may have a different answer however, I believe the answer is simple and universal. Happiness. Is what you’re trying to achieve going to make you happy? Will you regret giving up? Is this truly something that you want? If you take the time to ask yourself these difficult questions, the answer will become quite clear. In the end it boils down to your happiness. If what you seek will truly make you happy, if it is something that you yourself truly wants, and you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if you didn’t see it to fruition than you know whether to keep going or give up.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I am not your traditional artist, because my canvas isn’t on paper or walls or anything that you can hold in your hands. Women are my canvas. I make women look and feel beautiful every single day. I bring their beauty visions to life, whether it be through hair or makeup or even just a trim and a pep talk, women who leave my chair leave with a smile and a sense of confidence that they may not have had before. That is not to say that I only service women who don’t feel beautiful or confident, only that when they come to see me they definately leave feeling their best. Those of us in the beauty industry are severely undervalued. We are never taken seriously as professionals because people don’t see the impact we have on people. They don’t know the amount of time and effort that goes into learning our craft. Our industry is more than just cutting and coloring hair. We change lives. We listen to problems. We make people feel accepted and we make people love themselves. Beauty professionals have a license to touch and we do more than just touch hair or faces we touch lives each and every day. Getting people to see that is and always will be our biggest challenge.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
We are America’s finest city for a reason. For arguments sake however I will list a few of my must see places in San Diego. For sight seeing and amazing views you simply can’t beat Balboa Park. with breathtaking views of the city, countless trails and incredible museums, not to mention a world famous zoo, it is definitely one of those must see places. Second on my list for sight seeing is Seaport Village. This is a smaller quaint little shopping area with panoramic views of the city, Coronado Island and Point Loma to name a few. Amazing food, the USS Midway museum and Instagram worthy photo ops. There are so many more must see places to visit in our incredible city but those two are my favorite places to go. You of course can’t visit San Diego without getting a glimpse of our nightlife. The Gaslamp is filled with fun places to get your drink and party on. If your more of a club person you can go to fluxx or atomic to name a couple. If your more of a bar person I recommend coyote ugly or prohibition or my personal favorite king and queen cantina for amazing drinks and mouth watering food. Speaking of food you have to stop at Liberty Station for amazing places to eat drink and just enjoy the day. If your more of a shopper we have an endless amount of malls and shopping centers to choose from.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My mother deserves all the credit in my story. I never imagined beauty to be a passion of mine, let alone that it would become my career. I have always been a bit of a tom boy. I love sports, fixing things, building things and I’m totally comfortable in sweats and a t-shirt with no makeup on my face. I joined the Navy, a male dominated profession, thinking I would eventually make the transition into civilian law enforcement, another male dominated profession. Then I became a mother and my entire world view shifted. I could no longer imagine leaving my little girl home while I put my life in danger every day, not knowing if I would make it home to her every night. In that moment I had no idea what I was going to do. I had no plan for my future, no way of providing for myself and my daughter, until my mother told me I had an eye for beauty.

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