We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Monica Johnson | Pallet Designer & Business Owner

Taking my passion for gathering people and creating beautiful spaces and turning that into an actual business has been so fun and exciting. I launched Pallet to Palate in August 2020 after spending a year hosting outdoor adventure experiences for my friends. The common denominator for every experience was a beautiful charcuterie spread that I would design, assemble, and tailor to the occasion. The heart behind the business was to gather for no other reason than “just because.” You don’t need a major milestone to celebrate life and enjoy a beautiful and special experience! Read more>>

Stacy Wu | Travel Blogger

My husband and I have always been keen about traveling, while he’s passionate about photography (and an awesome photographer in my mind), I love recording details of our trips. We both work full time jobs so time off is a precious thing to us, and because of that we do our research diligently to make sure we could enjoy every trip we take to the fullest. Very often when we are planning for a trip, we read upon blog posts and suggestions from other travelers, we also follow many travel-related accounts on Instagram and check out the “Top” photos of a destination. Read more>>

Joshua Frank | FrankFilms Executive Producer & Business Owner

When I was in high school, I had this dream of becoming a video producer and owning my own production company. I knew, even back then, that I’d have to make a choice after graduation on what to do with my career, and I decided there was no reason to wait. So at 15 years old, I started borrowing equipment, used whatever camera I could get my hands on, and filmed and produced every video that I could. Read more>>

Louise Hall | Personal Color and Style Analysis

I’d worked for a very large Fortune 500 healthcare company for many years. It was an amazing company and I led a global marketing team that enabled me to work with people from all over the world and travel extensively. My last position for that company was in Silicon Valley and I was ready for a change. With my own Personal Color and Style Analysis experience with House of Colour back in England, I fell in love with knowing what the right colors and styles did for me. It really helped me to show up with confidence in my career and in my personal life, too. It brought me such joy and it really changed my life! Read more>>

Gianna Gonzales | Event Planner

When I started my own business, I was looking to create an event planning company that was built on family values and served a wide range of cultures and people. Every wedding is an opportunity to celebrate love and tell each unique love story. A lot of the time, event planning can end up becoming very stressful and the meaning of the event can get lost. My business partner and I wanted to start a business that allows couples to enjoy the process of planning their wedding and put the stress on us instead. Read more>>

Lydia Kardos | Ceramic Artist and teacher

Clay kind of fell into my hands and I never stopped sculpting. How I reach my audience and have an engaged conversation is an organic and intuitive process. Navigating art as a business has been a long ride with many twists and turns. To say “I love clay.” is an understatement. Ceramics is a ‘shoe fits’ moment for me, it just fits and so comfortably. Where I am today is cumulative of many events, training, risks, and exploration. I have been zigzagging through life creatively for quite some time. I was introduced to ceramics at Mass College of Art where I was part of a dual enrollment program while attending the Boston Arts Academy as a visual arts major in high school. Read more>>

Mark Thever | Founder & CEO

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial, problem-solving spirit. I often find myself looking for ways to do things better or differently. I think I got my entrepreneurial drive from my parents, who always encouraged me to take risks and follow my passions. My parents took the risk of leaving their home countries and immigrating to America at a young age in order to pursue a life here in the US. I think that adventurous, open-minded spirit lives in me. Read more>>

Olivia Rose | Designer

I’m inspired by romance in every day life and in pop culture — classic novels, new love stories, old movies, rom-coms, and even television can provide such an escape. I love to settle in with some tea or a cocktail and a good book, and I found myself craving a scent to heighten the experience of the story, but I’m sensitive to a lot of the ingredients you find in typical candles. I couldn’t find a candle that combined everything I wanted, so keeping romance as my inspiration, I set out to make an ethically-sourced clean fragrance candle with a coconut apricot wax (as opposed to soy) with crackling wooden wicks and do-no-harm packaging. Combining romance and luxury with sustainability added elegance and excitement to the market. Read more>>

Christina “Jagels” Jagels | CEO – Lead Transaction Coordinator – Winner LOL

I wanted to create a fun and safe space for administrative professionals to become the leaders they wished they always had. Read more>>

Dale Frink | Wildlife Photographer and Naturalist

After taking my goals into consideration, starting my business was the most logical choice I could have made at the time. Total creative control over my work and putting in only the hours I wanted to put in where incredibly important, but establishing my business meant that I could also invest time and money into products of passion. Even the best of jobs become stagnant without the occasional influx of satisfaction that comes from a passion project. Read more>>

Tarajah Smith | Owner & CEO of Printcess Customz & More LLC

Honestly I started my business off without any thought. I just woke up one morning and thought I’m going to buy a heat press today 😂 and it started from there. Read more>>