We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Margy Goodman | Women’s Empowerment Coach & Yoga Teacher

Showing-up, in its many forms, has been the biggest factor behind my success. I’m using this as an umbrella term to encompass authenticity, consistency and genuine support. So first, showing up authentically. Being true to myself and my values I think makes me more relatable and accessible to the people I serve. I’ve gotten over some really difficult things, and I’m very open about it. I’m vulnerable and take “imperfect action” often, because I want others to know that I’ve been where they are and they don’t have to have it all figured out. Social media makes me super uncomfortable, so I just show-up on there as my awkward self because I value being down to earth and approachable. Read more>>

Feras Maidaa | Founder & CEO

The success of San Diego Bar is built on 3 main factors: 1- High Quality product with the best taste, texture, and nutritional value : Made from scratch in small batches, our bars are hand crafted using all natural wholesome ingredients. No binders, artificial flavors, fillers or Sugar is added. Its Raw< vegan, Gluten Free and has 10g of protein from only 6 superfood ingredients. Our combination of fresh dried fruits, seeds and nuts gives our bars the best taste, texture and nutritional value which you can’t find all three together in any other product. Read more>>

Beth and Court of Life with Beth and Court | Content Creators

This may feel “buzz wordy” but our brand is built on genuine connection. We answer every DM, we interact in our own comments, we take time to get to know our followers, we talk about taboo topics to normalize them, we compassionately stand in our truth, we speak to causes that align with us, and we make business decisions that feel right for us – even if it’s in direct contrast to typical business advice. Read more>>

Cole Friedman | Graphic Designer |. Brand Creator

COMMUNICATION You’re probably reading this saying “what a corny answer Cole”, but hear me out on the importance of communication and it’s role in the success of my business. As a graphic designer, I work as an extension of my client to bring their ideas to life in a meaningful and memorable way. It’s just an added bonus that I make sure to have fun while doing it. Read more>>

Christine Germain | Author of “The Brother’s Curse Saga”Series

The most important factor behind my success is my passion to promote diversity In literary fiction. As a woman of color I’ve always been taught that if I had a dream that I wanted to fulfill than I can make that come true. And pursuing a career in writing is what led me down the path to success. The unique stories that I create and the multicultural characters I display in my novels is what makes me stand out. Read more>>

Vanessa Leone | Arbol de la Vida ( Tree of Life ) Artist

As an artist, my deep sense of curiosity and exploration would lead me in many directions over the years which makes defining a brand challenging to say the least. But my journey as an Arbol de la Vida artist has been a much smoother strategy leading to more customer traction and sales. I attribute this to focus, doing the thing you do best and diving deep. So in a nutshell, I would say the success of Sablan Ceramics has come from clearly defining early on what I was going to create and not allowing myself to get sidetracked on other ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I keep a list of all those “ideas” but save those for when the time is right. Focus brings clarity to your marketing and branding. Read more>>