Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Hilary Gibbs + Georgie Smith | Product Developer (Hilary) + Director of Sales and Marketing (Georgie)

The idea for LIVDEN came up very organically. Georgie and I have been in the tile industry for a combined 15 years and realized that sustainability and availability were missing components in the industry. In the tile industry, customers typically need to go through tile showrooms or a third party to purchase your hard surfaces. We wanted to create a product that could be purchased directly through our website and was accessible to everyone. Read more>>

Grace Tarrac | Co-owner, Tarrac Laser Creations

In August 2020 my husband and I purchased a second-hand laser engraving machine, which he then taught me how to use. At the time, I was battling breast cancer, so this new hobby was a great outlet for me to keep my mind busy and discover a new skill that I didn’t know I had. The opportunity to create unique gifts and other custom projects lead us to finally take the next step to becoming an official business in October 2020. Read more>>

Jaime Nicole | Beauty Expert and Entrepreneur

I’ve been doing hair for 26 years and have owned my salon for 16 years. In an effort to help my clients look and feel good on the inside and out, I recently launched Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen. After struggling with joint pain in my hands and tennis elbow from doing hair for nearly 3 decades and hearing my clients desires to grow stronger hair and nails, I developed the pure and scientifically-proven formula along with industry experts. Read more>>

Tiffaney Gardea | Artist

The Art and Paw started as a fun way for me to make gifts for my family and friends. I created small oil paintings of their furry best friends and they were a hit! Everyone loved them and it was such a joy creating them that I decided to start the business. This pet portrait business gives me the opportunity to blend two of my greatest loves, painting, and pets. My favorite parts of the business are connecting with people, capturing the special spirit of the animal, and the joy it brings the pet parents when they see their painting. Read more>>

Cyndi Galley | Founder, She is Single

One night during the Christmas season I had an epiphany as a single woman not-yet-married, facing the holidays alone––”Given the times we are in, facing all that I had been facing, singlehood wasn’t something to be ashamed or embarrassed by (even if I was in my 40’s and never married). There was much I had accomplished and as a single woman full of vision and creativity, it hit me that I was stronger than I realized or knew, because God was the one who strengthened me to do all that was in my heart to do. Read more>>